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Testimonial Icon     “I’ve had success with Juvederm Ultra Plus injections. Using this has filled out my lips and made them much more voluptuous! It’s lasted more than half a year!- Polly F.”




Testimonial Icon “I had a filler that has lasted about 9 months so far and it still has a nice effect. I really wanted to lift up the corners of my mouth and plump my lip, and it did just that. I like Restylane Silk for those awful lip lines because it seems to be the only non-surgical procedure that works! – David A.”




Testimonial Icon “I have used Juvederm and Voluma for years now. My face has no lines or wrinkles and nobody believes me when I tell them how old I am. Fillers are wonderful! – Lora J.”




Testimonial Icon “I’ve always felt good about my appearance, but I started to notice some wrinkle lines on my face that I didn’t like. The skin tightening treatment was great; very painless and very fast. I’m very happy with my results from the facial filler/Juvederm. I look refreshed and it restored my youth! Nobody’s noticed I’ve had the treatment but I have had comments from co-workers like “you look really fresh” or “you look really good today.” I would recommend the cosmetic treatment to all my friends and family. – Laura C.”




Testimonial Icon “The best treatment that I ever received for my skin has to be this one from Juvederm. It consists of a small injectable that makes the muscles under the skin relax and therefore project a much better-looking face and smile. My wrinkles were quite profound, I had laugh/cry lines and the way my face looked it really displeased me. But since I discovered the Juvederm treatment I can say that I look not only younger but also much more luminous. It was also quite affordable as opposed to other surgical treatments. – Nancy M.”




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