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Skin Rejuvenation, Rosacea, Microderm, Lamprobe, Wrinkle or Hair Reduction

With Pre and Post Recommendations Safety is of Highest Priority. We try to share correct up-to-date information and adhere to these guidelines.

Light can be used effectively to lighten, fade, remove or destroy targets located in the skin with minimum damage to the surrounding tissue. Discomfort is usually mild.

Visible signs of photodamage include wrinkling, enlarged pores, coarse skin texture, and pigment alterations. Fractional Treatment Sites include the Face, Area Surrounding Lip, Outer orbit area of the Eyes, Hands and most areas where stretch-marks or Scars exist.

Test Spots are recommended prior to full treatment and may need up to 48 hours to see efficacy.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Makeup, antiperspirant, other lotions & potions need thoroughly removed before the area is treated -They will burn. Please shave areas of treatment for any laser sessions.
  • Avoid self-tanning/bronzers, sun exposure, tanning beds, hair chemical services, creams that dye skin for a minimum of 2 weeks prior, during and after the course of treatment, and DO NOT WEAR MAKEUP to your appointment or thoroughly cleanse it off, it will burn.
  • After 1st session (especially hair removal), DO NOT USE any other hair removal methods or products on the treated area during the course of treatment, as it will prevent you from achieving your best results; refrain from tweezing, plucking, bleaching, depilatories (Nair) or waxing for two weeks prior each treatment. Shave area 2-12 hours PRIOR to your appointment with a NEW razor or electric clippers.
  • Discontinue use of topical applications such as Retin-A, Accutane, Hydroquinone, retinol products and PHOTOSENSITIZING medications and any other treatments that can increase photosensitivity (at least 7 days prior to your treatment). Clients using ANTICOAGULANTS should be noted.
  • If you have or had cold sores or genital herpes, start taking antiviral two days prior to treatment and three days following to decrease outbreak risk.
  • DO NOT have treatment over tattoos (may scar/fade) or fillers such as Juvederm.
  • DO NOT have this done if you are pregnant.
  • Follow up treatment should not be closer together than 4 weeks; unless careful consideration is made.

Post-Treatment Instructions

  • Immediately after treatment you may have redness, bumps or feel slightly sunburned several hours or longer as the healing process is occurring. Immediately use cold compress (10 minutes on, 10 minutes off) multiple times in the first 24 hours will help minimize swelling.
  • Apply a gentle moisturizer immediately after treatment and extra applications for a few days, before resuming your normal skin routine. Most moisturizer without alpha-hydroxy acids will work. You may also use aloe gel to relieve redness during the first 24 hours. Never use petroleum base “ointments” as they lock the heat in. You may apply deodorant after 24 hours.
  • You may shower after the laser treatments and the treated area may be washed gently with a mild cleanser (such as Cetaphil, Aquanil, or Dove) in lukewarm water. The skin should be patted dry and NOT rubbed.
  • Avoid any trauma to the skin for at least 2-5 days, such as hot bathing (saunas), strenuous exercise, massage, harsh cleansers, irritants or chemicals such as Peels/Scrubs (exfoliators), Accutane, Retin-A, Benzoyl Peroxide or astringents on the treated area.
  • Remember -Redness may turn brown if exposed to the sun! Please stay out of direct sunlight for 2 weeks and sun exposure to the treated area for 1 to 2 months following treatment. You must apply Sunblock daily to treated areas, especially facial areas with a broad spectrum minimum SPF 45 or higher for 2 months after treatment, reapply every 2-3 hours. Tanning after treatment sessions may enhance melanin regeneration, which may result in hyperpigmentation or other side effects.
  • Do not apply old make-up (bacterial reasons), especially to cover any redness from treatment. No liquid makeup for two weeks, as this can soak into the skin. Natural makeup is allowed as long as the skin is not irritated, broken or blistered. Always make sure that you have moisturizer on, under your makeup.
  • If you experience itching in the area (common as the skin heals), apply over the counter topical 1% hydrocortisone cream and/or take an antihistamine (Claritin, Benadryl).
  • Try not to touch areas treated, as hands may not be sterile.
  • Very rarely, a small blister or scab may form. Leave it alone if left intact. Allow healing naturally, without irritation. Do not try to remove any scabbing. You may apply Aloe regularly to keep the area moist. If skin peels, breaks or a blister opens, apply an over the counter topical Antibacterial cream to the area (that you are not allergic to), discontinue if a rash appears.
  • Reduce scarring risk – you must not pick/scratch/scrub off skin after a treatment. Scarring is very rare and it is important to follow all instructions carefully.

Please note: Anywhere from 5-20 days after the treatment, shedding of the hair may occur and this may appear as new hair growth. Which is not new hair growth, but it’s dead hair forcing and pushing its way out of the follicle. This is normal and will fall out quickly. In fact, moisturizer will help the dead hair exfoliate from the follicle, so use moisturizer frequently and freely on the treated area.

Please discuss when you should resume any prescribed medications such as Hydroquinone, Accutane or Retin-A with your Doctor.

Pigmented areas (Sun Spots) may change before they fade (devitalized skin which peels off naturally, average 8 days on the face, 21 days on the body); Hyper-pigmentation (darkening of the skin) or hypo-pigmentation (lightening of the skin) of areas may occur, lasting 1-6 months or longer. Usually temporary and fade over time.

Reduction of Spider Veins

Due to poor circulation; gravity is pulling blood down but having difficulty circulating back up your legs. The build-up of pressure causes a vessel to break into tiny vessels; visible at the skins surface. If left untreated, they may grow into very large and painful varicose veins. There are a few things you can do during and after laser treatment to heal faster and keep them away.

We advise you to follow the acronym – R.I.C.E + massage

[R]est leg after treatment [I]ce area treated with a cold [C]ompress area or wear a compression garment. [E]levate legs (especially end of the day) to ease the pressure for the many hours laying flat during sleep.

Massage treated area to stimulate a healing response (Do Not do if the skin is broken) as the healing process occurs.

Pre and Post Recommendations


For optimal results, wearing Compression Garments or stockings for 48 hours and then during the day while on feet for up to two weeks.
Pinpoint bleeding is rare but can occur following spider vein treatment procedures. Should bleeding occur, additional treatment might be necessary.
We recommend avoiding air travel 24 hours following your treatment or procedure. Care should be taken to prevent trauma to the treated area for the first four or five days following treatment.

If you have larger Varicose Veins that exhibit Swelling, Lower Leg Fatigue, Pain – Please call the Advanced Vein Center 724 987 3220

Body Beautiful Medical Laser Spa has seen excellent results on patients who have been consistent with their treatments and have followed their instructions. You have been treated with a highly specialized laser that has been deemed safe and effective by the FDA. It is important that you come back within 6-8 weeks for all of your scheduled treatments or check-up progress.

Body Beautiful offers 2 effective and restoring chemical peels from SkinMedica:
Vitalize Peel and Rejuvenize Peel

What to Expect After the Chemical Peel

Immediately Following the Treatment:

Your skin may appear orange/yellow as a side effect from Retinol. However, this will fade within several hours after the peel.
Your skin may become more firm and red than normal.
IMPORTANT: You must wait until you go to bed to wash or moisturize your face.

One Day after the Peel to the Completion of the Peel

Your skin may begin to peel, and feel more dry and firm than normal. The peeling typically lasts until day 2-5, depending on your skin type.
Do not pull the dry skin off of your face! This is extremely important because it’s necessary for the skin to peel itself. Immature peeling may cause coarse, dry skin to develop and may cause dark spots or hyperpigmentation.

What to Avoid After the Chemical Peel

Avoid sun exposure for 7-10 days after your peel. Use SPF 45+ sunscreen at all times.
Avoid extensive exercise on the day of your treatment and until the peeling has concluded.
Avoid using these products and treatments until the peeling has completely stopped: Laser treatments, facials, microdermabrasion, injectables/fillers, laser hair removal (face), alpha-hydroxy acid, retinoids, bleaching cream, and tretinoin.

In order to achieve your best results, follow these after-care steps:

Cleanse – It’s important to keep your skin free from toxins and chemicals after your peel.
Use a soap-less, gentle facial cleanser to keep your skin fresh and clear. Do not use a washcloth, scrub or brush; instead, use ???. We recommend using SkinMedica’s Sensitive Skin Cleanser or Facial Cleanser.
Moisturize – Using a quality moisturizer is a key step after you receive your treatment due to the amount of peeling that will occur. Moisturize as needed on the face and neck. We recommend using SkinMedica’s Ultra Sheer Moisturizer or TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream for best results.
Protect – It’s vital to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays after your peel. Apply sunscreen with SPF 45 or higher daily for at least one week after your peel. We recommend using SkinMedica’s Daily Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 45.

Next Steps
Protect your investment and see major results! You will receive optimal benefits from 3-5 chemical peels. Schedule your next chemical peel at Body Beautiful:

  • Vitalize Peel – every 3-4 weeks
  • Rejuvenize Peel – every 4-6 weeks

If you have ANY questions about Pre and Post Recommendations or future treatments Please call 724 987 3221. Additionally, you can visit our ultimate hair removal guide

Thank you for your confidence in Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa.

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