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Let’s face it if you’re a smoker you’ve probably tried quitting numerous times. Body Beautiful Laser Medi Spa understands the difficulty involved in breaking a habit as well as the power of addiction. We are committed to your overall health and we offer a strong support system dedicated to your success. Declare your independence from smoking and increase your quality of life.

Would you like to quit smoking?
Smoking costs you more than dollars…it costs years off your life! Our low level laser therapy eliminates the pain and discomfort of withdrawal and is safe, painless and effective with no side effects. We guarantee success with follow up therapy as needed. Free yourself once and for all! New technologies are available today to stop the addiction cycle for good.

Stop smokingAlcohol Suppression

Development and research has allowed us to develop advanced therapies. Our multi-faceted technologically and advanced approach allows us to achieve one of the highest on-going success rates of all alcohol programs. Our technology involves techniques that trigger the brain to produce its own natural opiate substitutes to overcome withdrawal and cravings, behavior modification techniques are used during and after the therapy to overcome the psychological mindset of dependency and a nutritional and educational program designed to support the body as it heals.


Stop addiction signExperimental drug use normally starts during teenage years. People become excited when experimenting with new mind altering substances. What most don’t know, are the consequences behind these actions and the serious addiction that can happen. People become dependent on these substances and start experiencing withdrawal symptoms if they don’t continue using. This begins the addiction process. They don’t understand that they might spend their whole life reversing the damages done to quit these bad habits and add healthy years onto their life. Here at Body Beautiful we’re here to assist you in this detox process.





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