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Multiple Treatment Options cardMillions of people have scars or stretch marks, which occur naturally as a result of puberty, pregnancy, hormonal changes and weight gain. We provide solutions for each individual’s condition, whether it’s a scar from a new injury, mark that’s been there since childhood or simply genetics. We offer the newest and most effective methods of skin resurfacing available with our top-of-the-line lasers and radio frequency devices. Our treatment can be used anywhere on the body to produce smooth, tight results and improve the unsightly color and skin texture for all skin conditions. If you’re interested in reducing these unpleasant striations or unwanted skin irregularities, they can be removed at Body Beautiful Laser Medical Spa.

The laser improves unwanted skin discolorations and texture associated with stretch marks and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes (known as crow’s feet). This laser helps remove these conditions, leaving smoother, better looking skin. We offer suitable for use on all skin types, making us the premier choice for outstanding clinical outcomes.

stretch marks and scars pregnant womanPregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it often leaves behind stretch marks and scars. Say goodbye now with our laser treatments.

Palomar 1540 Fractional Laser
One treatment highly recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons because of little downtime, is the fractional treatment. The fractional laser targets stubborn problems that stem back to your childhood growth spurts or issues that just occurred last year. We have massive success rates with our multiple treatment option across the board, including wrinkles, aging and sun damage, leaving clients with smoother, better-looking skin.

Palomar 1540 Fractional Laser is the perfect choice for treating:

Skin Rejuvenation:
Active acne
Restore lost volume
Helps treat Melasma
Blemishes and blotchy skin
Superficial and discolored skin lesions
Helps even skin tone, texture, pore size
Stimulate a Rejuvenated collagen boost
Pigment abnormalities and pigmentations
Treat sun damaged skin (sun spots, brown spots, age spots, freckles)

Reduces Signs of Aging (Anti-aging):
Body contours
Skin tightening
Deep Wrinkles
Helps elasticity
Reduces fine lines
Eliminates crow’s feet
Treats under-eye circles
Creates a youthful glowing skin tone
Restores skin damage without surgery
Smooths textural irregularities and discolored lesions

Blemishes Skin RejuvenationSkin Resurfacing:
Acne scars
Stretch marks
Surgical scars
Actinic keratosis
Chicken pox and divots
Treats uneven skin tone
Reduces pore size (enlarged pores)
Also great results for uneven irregularities

The fractional laser is BEST for anyone who is beginning to notice red or purplish marks forming on the body (stretchmarks). It is especially effective for women where the skin grows rapidly from pregnancy. In any case where the skin stretches rapidly, it loses its laxity and turns a different shade, also appears unevenly toned and textured. Before the fractional laser, one would previously buy over-the-counter creams which may not diminish the appearance.

strech marks FDA cleared the Palomar 1540 Laser 91318The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the Palomar 1540 Fractional Laser and has great results for less severe wrinkles, acne scars, divots, chicken pox, surgical scars or scars from an injury and tightening of the skin.

We also recommend Sublative Skin Rejuvenation (eMatrix) and Cynosure Focus Lens Array to go deeper (with less sessions) and has excellent aesthetic solutions!



Skin tightening (eTwo) SublimeSessions Quadruple PassPrice Regular1/2 Price if V.I.P. + Package Discount!
1 session$400200
3 session package

$1,050525 only 175 session
5 session package$1,500750 only 150 session!
Recommended Products Recommended Products – TNS Essential Serum, TNS Recovery Complex, Sunscreen, Lytera System, Retinol, Scar Recovery Gel, Scar Recovery Complex
E-Matrix Sublative Skin ResurfacingAreaPrice Regular1/2 Price if V.I.P. +
Stretch Marks, Uneven Skin (Chicken Pox marks, etc.)Small 50 pulses (Ex: quarter size cheek scars)$700350 a treatment
Scars, Skin Rejuvenation and more.Med. 75 pulses (Ex: whole face)$950475 a treatment
Large 100 pulses (Ex: abs or thigh stretch marks)$1,200600 a treatment
OR buy per tip+ Package Discount
200 pulse tip$2,0001,000 2-4 sessions
400 pulse tip$3,0001,500 2-4 sessions
Recommended Products TNS Essential Serum, Lytera System, Sunscreen, Purifying Foaming Wash, Ceratopic Replenishing Cream, Hydrating Complex
Skin RejuvenationSessions DoublePass includedPrice Regular1/2 Price if V.I.P. + Package Discount!
Fractional Skin Resurfacing 1540/14401 session$400200
3 session package$1,050525 only 175 session
5 session package$1,500750 only 150 session!
Recommended Products Recommended Products – TNS Essential Serum, TNS Recovery Complex, Sunscreen, Lytera System, Retinol, Scar Recovery Gel, Scar Recovery Complex
Wrinkle Reduction, PicoSure, Focus Lens Array (also for pigmentation and scars)Sessions Med. size areaPricing Regular 1/2 Price if V.I.P. + Package Discount!
1 session$600300
3 session package$1,500750 only 250 per session
Per spot can also be treated, Pending FREE Consultation
Recommended Products Acne Scar Recovery Gel, Acne System, TNS Essential Serum, Sunscreen, Retinol


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Every individual’s skin condition is different, so there is no one treatment or product that will cure everyone. Many people opt for popular treatments such as Botox, Juvederm, Retinol, Microdermabrasion, Photofacials and even surgeries. Do not simply guess which treatment is right for you and buy an over-the-counter product or opt for an expensive facelift when you may need a series of quick, easy long lasting laser treatments that will provide optimal results for younger looking skin. Let us help you decide which treatment option is best for you and your goals.

Call Body Beautiful to schedule your consultation for skin resurfacing and our expert technicians will develop a personalized treatment plan for you! 724 987 3221

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