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Body Beautiful offers a free consultation on many Body Contouring procedures in the industry, to help you make a more educated decision on what may be the best recommendation for you.  We have a unique position to go to manufacturer training, insider online seminars, to help compare costs or overhead and even demo many different procedures.  Tap into our analysis of research we have gathered to compare, in our opinion, what may be best for you. WE HAVE OVER 7 DIFFERENT KINDS TO CHOOSE FROM!

During the consultation, the technician will assess you and create a tailored treatment plan. Fat cells in thin and obese patients are set during childhood and adolescence. After adolescence, the number of fat cells remains the same through adulthood. So with this predetermined amount as it pertains to weight loss, the fat cells shrink and with weight gain they expand. Fat cells are never actually eliminated through diet and exercise, they just shrink.  If you need help to eliminate those stubborn areas that just won’t go away, with diet exercise, usually referred to as trouble-spots. This it is not so much for weight loss but more for contouring the body and minimizing unwanted bulges. Meaning you may not see much if any difference on the scale but more of a difference in inches, how your clothes are fitting and looking better in the mirror.

Many of you have heard of contouring methods that heat fat cells, such as through radio wave frequencies, like truSculpt or Sculpsure does that really work?

Yes. many Hot Sculpting methods are non-surgical, body-sculpting can occur through a variety of ways, such as through radio wave frequencies (RF), Hyperthermic laser such as 1060nm wavelength, monopolar or bipolar RF. 

Body Sculpting Fat Freezing Treatment Pittsburgh Pa Near me

There are a variety of fat freezing technology such as Cool Freeze, Fat Cell Freezer, Coolplas, Cooltec, Coolslimming, Coolsculpting, Cool360, fat sculpting, and other devices.

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Many freezing methods are non-invasive, using apoptosis or cryolipolysis to eliminate fat cells and contour many or multiple areas of the body. Cryolipolysis, the science with which cold sculpting is based, involves a controlled application of cooling to specific areas of fat for localized fat reduction. It’s cold enough to freeze the fat cells, yet does not harm the surrounding tissue and skin.

Freezing of subcutaneous fat works by pulling it away from the body, isolating it and cooling down to the temperature of a refrigerator which is cold enough to freeze fat. Think about when you put the chicken soup in the fridge, that fat gets hard and rises to the surface, it’s cold enough to freeze fat yet poses no risk of frostbite (if done for a certain time length). However, with a unit called coolsculpting, has FDA claims that it can permanently eliminate up to 25% of your fat cells. In some cases, more than one treatment on a particular area is recommended when more than 20-25% reduction is desired. When the applicator is removed the fat cells are crystallized and then a two-minute massage to help ensure that those cells die so that the body can start the reabsorption process and eliminate the cells naturally through the lymphatic system.

Treatment Options


Formostar Body wraps would be your lowest cost and least invasive option.  The radiowave frequency could be the next cost-effective option, sometimes a combination yields the most desired outcomes.  

Our recommendation is still that Custom Water-Jet Liposuction is the Gold standard, previously Custom Acoustic Liposuction or Tickle Lipo, is literally leaving the fat behind when you leave the office!  

Not every type of treatment works best for every person, additional treatment recommendations alongside these sessions can help enhance outcomes, individual efforts can make results truly vary.    …….. Here is what we found as national averages.

Body Sculpting Fat Freezing Treatment

What Factors Determine the Cost of Cool or Hot Sculpting?   

There is a variety of applicators for specific use for different areas of the body and amount or level of fat tissue per area. Depending on how and where you carry your weight, will determine which size, how many applicators and sessions you’ll need.

Here’s a summary of research about each size.

Large areas, 45-minute session – 1 hour

$1,125 ~ $1,500 per hour

Note: Some combine this with a smaller applicator session (below), to get most desired even proportioning.

Medium contoured areas are a 35 – 75-minute session
Smaller areas $600 ~ $800 per session

Book a sculpting treatment today Pittsburgh Pa.

Getting rid of fat and cellulite on your thighs can be near impossible, but it’s a task we can help tackle. 

The pricing can vary greatly from person to person. 

Your body goals play a large role in determining your number of treatments. The best way to get an accurate idea of the cost is to come in for a consultation. 

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Body Sculpting Fat Freezing Treatment Pricing

CoolSclupting only available in our Cranberry Twp office.Session Time VIP discounts $25 OFF
– Large areas – Cool Advantage Plus

areas vary, consult is recommended to determine surgical or non-invasive options

45 minute sessions
– Flatter mid-size (leg section) – Cool Smooth Pro Various options available
75 minute sessions
– Uneven Mid-sized area – Cool Advantage, Cool MaxMedium to Small
35 minute sessions
– Small areas – Cool MiniSmall
35 minute sessions
Cool 360 and Cool SlimSession TimeVIP discounts $25 OFF
– Small area50 minute sessions$299
– Medium area50 minute sessions
Many people see the best results combining injectable and other treatments for dieting or weight loss can complement this treatment

Call for more info on how to save big with laser and injectable combo

Please consult your primary care Physician if you had or have serious health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, poor blood circulation, auto-immune diseases, or a past experience with any kind of related services.

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