Many of you have heard of Coolsculpting and probably wonder does it really work?

metabolize burn body fat calorie burning 8.25.18Yes. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure using cryolipolysis to eliminate fat cells and contour many or multiple areas of the body. Cryolipolysis, the proven science on which Coolsculpting is based, involves a controlled application of cooling to specific areas of fat for localized fat reduction. It’s cold enough to freeze the fat cells, yet does not harm the surrounding tissue and skin.

The process originated from a study in which Harvard scientists observed that children eating popsicles were getting dimpling in their cheeks. They realized that the popsicles were freezing and eliminating small pockets of fat cells.

Coolsculpting works on subcutaneous fat by pulling it away from the body, isolating it, and cooling down to the temperature of a refrigerator which is cold enough to freeze fat. Think about when you put chicken soup in the fridge, that fat gets hard and rises to the surface, it’s cold enough to freeze fat yet poses no risk of frostbite. It is FDA cleared to PERMANENTLY eliminate 20-25% of the fat cells in a treatment area. The number of fat cells in both thin and obese people is more or less set during childhood and adolescence. After adolescence the number of fat cells remain the same through adulthood. So with this predetermined amount as it pertains to weight loss, the fat cells shrink and with weight gain they expand. Fat cells are never actually eliminated through diet and exercise, they just shrink. However, with coolsculpting, you can permanently eliminate up to 25% of the your fat cells forever! All in as little at 35 minutes with little to no down time. It will help eliminate those stubborn areas that just won’t to go away, with diet exercise, usually referred to as trouble-spots. It is not for weight loss but more for contouring the body and minimizing unwanted bulges. Meaning you may not see much, if any, difference on the scale but more of difference in inches and how your clothes are fitting.

During the consultation the technician will assess you and create  a tailored treatment plan. In some cases more than one treatment on a particular area is recommended when more than 20-25% reduction is desired. When the applicator is placed on the area there is slight tugging sensation as the vacuum pulls the subcutaneous fat away from the body. Just as if you were to grab a handful of fat and pull. In the first 7-10 minutes theres is a cooling sensation before the treatment area becomes numb. When the treatment is over, the applicator is removed and the treatment area is massaged. The massage can be slightly uncomfortable but is an essential part of the treatment. When the applicator is removed the fat cells are crystalized and the two minute massage ensures that those cells die so that the body can start the reabsorption process and eliminate the cells naturally through the lymphatic system. You can go right back to work and most normal activities.  Should expect some mild swelling, soreness and possibly numbness in the treatment area, that may last up to 2 weeks post procedure. Full results are visible in as little as 8-12 weeks.


What Factors Determine the Cost of CoolSculpting?

There is a variety of applicators for specific use for different areas of the body and amount or level of fat tissue per area. Depending on how and where you carry your weight, will determine which size, how many applicators and sessions you’ll need.

Here’s a summary of each size.

*NEW “Advantage Plus” applicator ONLY a 45 minute session!

           – Upgrades the CoolMax, no longer 1 hour, and staying the same price.

CoolMax (largest applicator) ~ $1,500 per hour, VIP’s get 25% OFF – ONLY $1,125

While the CoolMax covers the most ground (treatment area), it is the most expensive available applicator, it is used for most volume reduction and known as the ‘debulking treatment.’

Note: Some combine this with a small applicator session (below), to get most desired even proportioning.

*NEW “Advantage” applicator ONLY a 35 minute session!
           – Upgrades the CoolCore, CoolCurve and CoolFit, no longer 1 hour
  Still staying same price.
Small Applicators ~ $800 per session, VIP’s get 25% OFF – ONLY $600

Formostar Infrared Body Wrap produce heat 8.24.18

Book a CoolSculpting treatment today, you will most likely be a candidate for a small applicator, which comes in three varieties:

  1. CoolCore – trouble problem areas for many people, is excess fat in the belly area. The the most commonly used cool core on the abdomen is a slightly curved design to best contour your body.
  2. CoolCurve+ – This applicator is contoured to fit one’s stubborn love handles or flanks for better suction. Typically patients require 1-2 of these applicators per side.
  3. CoolFit – This straight applicator is used for suction around the inner thighs, backs of the arms and in some cases on the abdomen to smooth out unwanted bulges.
  4. Petite Applicator – This newer smaller applicator treats small areas of fat on the arms, inner thighs, abdomen and flanks.
  5. Cool mini Applicator – (was 45 min.), – This applicator is used on very small areas of fat like the chin and bra fat area

*NEW “Smooth Pro” applicator only 75 a minute session.
                – Upgrades the CoolSmooth, no longer 2 hours!

 ALSO staying same price.

CoolSmooth ~ $1,000 per leg/section/session, VIP’s get 25% OFF – ONLY $750

Getting rid of fat and cellulite on your thighs can be near impossible, but it’s a task CoolSculpting can easily tackle. Unlike the above aforementioned applicators, the CoolSmooth is a contact piece used for non-pinchable fat that has zero suction. It’s most commonly used for the outer thighs — and because it’s cooling the tissue from one side, rather than two, makes it a two-hour treatment.

The pricing for CoolSculpting can vary greatly from person to person. Your body goals play a large role in determining your number of treatments. The best way to get an accurate idea of the cost of CoolSculpting is to come in for a consultation. 


Coolsculpting Gallery


CoolsculptingApplicator Session TimePricing RegularVIP discounts 25% OFF
Advantage PlusCoolMax (largest applicator)
45 minute sessions
$1,500 per session$1,125

- Upgrade from CoolMax, no longer 1 hour and stays the same price.

AdvantageCoolMax Small Applicators
35 minute sessions
$800 per session$600

- Upgrades the CoolCore, CoolCurve and CoolFit, no longer 1 hour

Smooth Pro (leg section)CoolSmooth
75 minute sessions
$1,000 per session$750

- Upgrades the CoolSmooth, no longer 2 hours!


The original technology manufacturer of Coolsculpting was Zeltiq Aesthetics, until 2017 when Allergan bought this company out.

Side effects:

Less than 4% of those treated suffer from late onset pain post treatment. Sometimes described as a deep, sharp pain that occurs in the treatment area usually 3-5 day after the treatment. It is effectively treated with a prescription of neurontin and topical lidocaine patches.

Extremely rare (.029%) side effect is hyperplasia. The treatment area becomes enlarged and requires liposuction to fix. 

It should also be noted that there is a small percentage of people that do not respond to the treatment (less than 1%) and ideally you will need to maintain or lose weight for best results. If there is a change increase in caloric consumption or reduction in physical activity that leads to weight gain, you may not see any improvement.

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