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Liposonix mega sale 2023

Liposonix Sale 2023

The Liposonix can automatically scan the skin to identify lipocytes and precisely put energy into the subcutaneous fat.

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Happy Halloween Sale 2022

Happy Halloween Sale 2022 – Limited time only, save on Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, Hair Removal, Photofacials, and Microneedling.

Buy one get one botox gift cards 2022

Botox Cosmetic Day Buy One Get One

Buy One $50 Gift Card Get One Free – Botox Cosmetic Day is coming up, save the date – Special gift card offer starts 11/16/22 at 9am PT – 12pm EST. Click the link for details –

Dysport and Sculptra deal of the year

Buy 1 vial of Sculptra, and get 60 units of Dysport Free!
Buy 2 vials of Sculptra, and get 90 units of Dysport Free!
Buy 3 vials of Sculptra, and get either 120 units of Dysport or 1 Filler Free!

Summertime Deals 2022

Top summertime deals from Juvederm, and Xeomin to Coolsculpting and Laser nail fungus removal all at Body Beautiful Laser Medical Spa.

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Restylane Promo 2022

The top filler deal of the year is here!! Save on all available Restylane Fillers. Improve your volume, contour your shape, and soften facial wrinkles and folds. Best sale of the year saves on all Restylane Fillers for 2022.

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Dysport and Fillers 2020

Buy Dysport (75 units) and 2 Restylane fillers and get $200 off plus any points you already have through Aspire rewards. That’s like buying them at the 2nd and 3rd vial pricing.

Photofacial deal

Photofacial Sale 2020

Our process offers comfortable and effective pulses of concentrated light, which are the best treatment option to clear, eliminate, or treat multiple conditions.

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Restylane Kysse Promo

As an ASPIRE Galderma Rewards member, you can save up to $100 when you add Restylane® Kysse to any Restylane® treatment.*

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Microdermabrasion and Teeth Whitening

Buy a Microderm treatment and get FREE teeth whitening while supplies last. Microderm uses handheld equipment conducted over the skin to present light abrasion which is painless and requires minimal recovery time.

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Summertime Deals

Summertime Blockbuster Deals from Newtox to teeth whitening it’s everything you’ll need this summer…

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Leap Year Special – Free Treatment


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Best Laser Deal of 2019

Now save 70% OFF on all laser services. Laser season is here and Body Beautiful is offering our first and best deal of the season!

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Body Beautiful’s Trifecta procedures combined award-winning services with decades of knowledge that offers amazing liposuction results with going under.

Limited time Microneedling deal special free treatment

Microneedling Sale

CLAIM YOUR OFFER TODAY Only a few spots left for this amazing deal, call to reserve your spot 724-987-3221!

More Deals

Lip Enhancements

$50 OFF Lip enhancement

Lip filler for lip enhancement is a great first step before surgery. To see how expanding or re-shaping the upper and/or lower lips to improve volume in relation to the surrounding facial features. 

Lip enhancement techniques may be separated into two kinds and we have both, temporary and permanent. Temporary lip enhancement techniques require the use of injectable dermal fillers repeated every 6-12 months to maintain appearance. Permanent techniques involve the use of injectable harvested fat or implants

Additional Savings of $50

Lip Enhancement Treatment Page


$250 off Liposuction

After Smartlipo, Cool Lipo, and Water Jet Lipo, there is now a new form of liposuction called Nutational 3-D Custom Acoustic Liposuction (CAL). The new lipo technique, known in Eu rope as Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction (NIL), was first introduced in Belgium and has since been used in thousands of procedures and presented at more than 100 scientific sessions worldwide. The procedure, which is FDA-approved, is also called Vibro Liposuction.

Liposuction Treatment Page

$1,000 OFF 2nd area

$2,000 OFF 3rd area

Body Wraps

50% OFF

Body Wraps are on special and highly enjoyable during these cold months.

50% off Body Wraps

Shockwave Therapy

Toenail Fungus Removal

$100 OFF

On special toenail fungus removal from BVFC is $100 OFF

Arch Supports

1/2 Price

At Beaver Valley Foot Clinic BB VIP Members get 1/2 Price Arch Supports.

Spider Vein Treatment

50% OFF

VIP Members get laser treatments at Advanced Vein Center 50% off


50% OFF

BB VIP members get Sclerotherapy  at Advanced Vein Center 50% off

If you like any of our VIP deals just sign up it’s FREE this month!

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