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Lyft is one of the most effective dermal fillers on the market today, with millions of success stories across the globe. Since its launch, Lyft has maintained a platinum reputation across the cosmetic industry. Lyft is a new FDA-approved product from the makers of Restylane. It’s not only used to temporarily smooth wrinkles and facial folds from the nose out to the corners of the mouth but also increases lost collagen volume and fullness in the cheeks.

How Lyft Works:
Lyft is comprised of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid gel (NASHA gel). Because hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the human body and decreases over time (due to age). This treatment is safe and provides natural-looking, effective results by increasing collagen.

Our injectors will use a thin needle to inject the clear gel into the apex, apple and or hollow – results last up to 12 months. Side effects are rare, mild and usually disperses within a few days. Since Perlane now known as Lyft is not animal-based and benefits are immediate. This filler is safe for all ethnicities and skin types.


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Lyft is associated with the Restylane family of products and only differs from Restylane in terms of gel size particles and depth of injection. Because Restylane Lyft gel particles are larger than those in Restylane, Radiesse and Sculptra both non-hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers utilized to add global facial volume, particularly in the temples and cheeks, where most noticeable volume loss is observed.

Restylane, Radiesse, and Sculptra are frequently used in procedures such as: lip augmentation, nose sculpting, cheek contouring, filling in laugh lines, fat loss jaw line contouring, chin shaping, and revitalizing the appearance of the hands. Although they have similar uses, Radiesse® is comprised of calcium hydroxylapatite (an organic substance found in human bone tissue), while Sculptra® is composed of Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA).


FillersTreatment AreasPricing 1st VialPricing 2nd Vial
Become V.I.P. Take $50 OFF 1st Vial
Restylane SilkEnhances fullness of lips, plump out wrinkles and fine lines around the nose, mouth or hollowness under the eyes.1st Vial 5492nd Vial 399
RestylaneLip augmentation, frown lines at the root of the nose or outer part of the nostril, smile lines, laugh lines, pre-jowl, cheek hollowing.1st Vial 5492nd Vial 399
Restylane LyftProvides fullness to cheeks and smoothes the smile lines. Indicated into superficial subcutis to deep dermis.

1st Vial 6492nd Vial 499
Restylane RefyneProvide a softening of unwanted laugh and wrinkles lines. Get rid of nasolabial fold lines and marionette lines.

1st Vial 6492nd Vial 549
Restylane DefyneSmooth out and soften deep laugh and wrinkles lines. This filler uses new technology to restore a youthful look.1st Vial 6492nd Vial 549
SculptraStimulates natural collagen (not a filler), goes everywhere, works globally for facial correction, lasts up to 2 years and works well with others products.1st Vial 7492nd Vial 549
Juvederm VolbellaFDA Approved for use in Perioral Rhytids and Lips – found to soften the appearance of lines around the mouth and increase lip fullness through one year.1st Vial Size .55 399
1st Vial Size 1.0 649
2nd Vial Size .55 349
2nd Vial Size 1.0 549
Juvederm UltraLip augmentation, the outer part of the nostril, between brows, temples, laugh lines, hollowness under eyes, reduce the appearance of stress, depressions, and scars.
1st Vial 5992nd Vial 449
Juvederm Ultra PlusCheek hollowing, replenish lost volume, smile lines, frown lines at the root of the nose or outer part of the nostril, pre-jowl sulcus.

1st Vial 5992nd Vial 449
Juvederm VollureAdds volume to wrinkles and severe folds in the face. Smooth out and soften those unwanted lines and wrinkles.1st Vial 6492nd Vial 449
Juvederm VolumaReplenish lost volume in cheekbones, Apple, Apex and nasal folds that can last up to 2 years!1st Vial 7492nd Vial 549
Hylenex (hyaluronidase)This product helps reverse effects and filler absorption.1st Vial 2492nd Vial 129
BeloteroNasolabial folds, lip lines, corners of lips, smile lines, folds along the chin.1st Vial 499
1st Vial VIP 449
2nd Vial 299
RadiesseSmile lines, marionette lines, corners of the mouth, pre-jowl, wrinkles on the chin.

1st Vial 649
1st Vial VIP 599
2nd Vial 449
Become a Body Beautiful V.I.P. Take $50 OFF 1st Vial 724 987 3221


Other Facial Treatments
Injectables: Botox & Dysport
Fillers: Juvederm, Radiesse,
Restylane, Restylane Silk & Voluma


Restylane Lyft Before and Afters

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sculptra box filler provides longer-lasting solutions
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sculptra logo stimulate your body’s collagen




Radiesse® and Sculptra® stimulate your body’s collagen production; however, Radiesse also boosts facial volume on its own and offers more immediate visible results.

Sculptra® filler provides longer-lasting solutions than most of their predecessors – lasts up to two years (after the first series of injections).

Resorbable fillers are made from natural or synthetic materials that are broken down and reabsorbed by the body over time

The good news is that if you are not happy with the results, the material will eventually disappear. Of these, hyaluronic acid based fillers are the safest and most predictable, and the one that we use most often in our practice. Other commonly used resorbable fillers include human and bovine or cow collagen.

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