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Rosacea at Body Beautiful

There are many misconceptions and misdiagnosed with Rosacea. A consult to educate and inform you about options for skin conditions can only help. Many people believe that Rosaceas only symptom is red skin; others think that they simply have a “rosy cheek” complexion or mild acne. Staff at Body Beautiful Laser Medical Spa has performed thousands of Rosacea treatments, helping patients relieve redness and feel more confident about their skin. To learn more about our accomplished staff (Click here)


vascular lesions on faceWhat is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic condition of the skin common over the face but may appear on the neck, chest, scalp, back, and ears. Symptoms include redness, the presence of capillaries and may become worse if left untreated. Redness may vary with seasonal conditions. There may be associated bumpiness, especially over the nose. At times, there is intense flushing which may enhance the redness.

Broken capillaries are small, red threads that can surround the cheeks and nose. Capillaries are tiniest kinds of blood vessels in our bodies. Broken capillaries are actually just enlarged blood vessels that extend because of faulty valves or a weakness within the vein. These vessel walls can leak, which turns the skin noticeably red. Many people find broken capillaries difficult to hide and unappealing. Broken capillaries are a side effect of Rosacea. Featured Article – Body Beautiful Angels

Signs & Symptoms of Rosacea:

Before After
cherry spider veins before cherry spider after

General skin inflammation – Flushing of face and cheeks that usually starts about age 30 and above.

  • Pruritus
  • Scaly skin
  • Pain
  • Skin rash

Redness – Flushing, blushing, erythema, edema, stinging and burning normally causes constant redness in the center areas of the face such as the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead.

  • Redness can occur on the nose
  • Redness on cheeks (not to be mistaken for natural rosy cheeks or psoriasis)
  • Seborrhea

Red Bumps Blemishes, Swelling – Some people who have Rosacea may experience bumps or pustules on their face, often in conjunction with acne. The bumps may be pus filled Swelling. The skin can feel warm or tender at times.

  • Breakouts of bumps and redness (not acne)

Eye Irritation – Some people may develop eye problems linked to Rosacea. These can include redness, dry eyes, swelling, itching, burning, watery and/or irritated eyes. If untreated, this can cause permanent eye damage in a condition that affects vision, known as keratitis. An ophthalmologist can prescribe the correct eye drops or an oral antibiotic to treat these symptoms.

Dry Skin/Oily Skin – Whether your skin is dry or oily, or a combination, make sure you use the correct combination of skin care products to reduce acne/flare ups as much as possible.

  • Xeroderma
  • Prurigo

Rough thick skin texture or Enlarged Nose – In some rare cases, Rosacea can cause thick skin on the nose. This will make the nose appear bigger and swollen. More men experience this than woman. You can use Co2 Lasers to reshape the nose and cut away the thickened skin!

Spider veins or telangiectasias – Broken Capillary or Blood vessels (visible on face)


What Can I Do?

Although there is no cure for Rosacea, you can treat symptoms to reduce flare ups, which can last several weeks to months. Body Beautiful can help Rosacea and broken capillaries using a combination therapy modality (ND Yag, IPL fotofacial and Diode Lasers) for both soft tissue conditioning and visible capillary proliferation. By reducing the capillaries and redness with lasers, we are reducing swelling contributing to Rosacea flare ups. Laser therapy when used in combination with Levulinic acid will also reduce acne by shrinking oil glands and forcing oil out of the skin. Product corrections has significantly reduced symptoms and visible signs of Rosacea in patients. Several treatments may be necessary in some patients for chronic symptoms.

Treats Multiple Conditions- Photofacial using combination process approach to treat each specific issue through IPL, 1064 ND Yag and Diode Laser pulses:

Acne – Skin condition in which the hair follicles and oil glands clog up
Broken Capillaries – Swollen blood vessels
Sun Damage – Wide areas of pigmentation on the face, chest, arms and legs
Sun Spots – Individual pigmented lesions, also known as age spots
Spider Veins – Individual vessels, which can be red, blue or purple in color
Rosacea – General inflammation of the cheeks and face

Laser hair removal on male face.Laser Therapy – Laser treatments work well with treating Rosacea symptoms. The Laser uses different wavelengths of light that target the red blood vessels, redness, and acne-causing them to disintegrate and the body removes them. This reduces swelling to the area treating the symptoms of rosacea which helps minimize flare ups.

After your treatments, we will provide a recommended daily skin routine to improve skin elasticity and to prevent Rosacea and broken capillaries. All Pittsburgh Body Beautiful locations offer high-grade skincare products from SkinMedica. Many have success applying topical Vitamin C Cream or Serum in the morning, Redness Relief Complex, combined with sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher). At night, we suggest using Retinol. Per each patient, we will alter these suggestions to match your individual skin condition. It’s important to invest in your skin and take necessary steps to maximize your results.

Additional Benefits Face with FlowersAdditional Benefits of Rosacea Treatment:

  • Heightened self-confidence
  • Looking your best
  • Even skin tone
  • Removal of fine lines
  • Smooth skin texture
  • Younger appearance
  • Less makeup needed
  • Glowing skin

Primary Rosacea & Broken Capillary Causes and trigger factors:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Corticosteroids (Prednisone)
  • Drugs that dilate blood vessels (blood pressure medications)
  • Fluctuations in Hormones
    • pregnancy
    • puberty
    • menopause
  • Genetics / Hereditary
  • Increases as we get older
  • Spicy foods/drinks
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Weight (obesity)
  • Emotion Changes
    • Anger
    • Embarrassment
  • Stress
  • Weather:
  • Change in humidity
  • Extreme Winds
  • Hot baths, tubs, saunas
  • Temperature fluctuations (extremes)
  • Pale skin
  • UVA Sun damaged skin
  • Sunlight
Photofacials - Rosacea, Birthmark Removal, Age & Sun SpotsSessions DoublePass IncludedRegular Pricing1/2 Price if V.I.P. + Pre-paid Package Discount!
1 session$350175
3 session package$900450 only 150 session
5 session package$1,250625 only 125 session!
Recommended Products Cooling Gel, After Sun HydroGel E Purifying Foaming Wash, Rejuvenative Toner, TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer 20

Rosacea Treatment Prices VIP Pricing = up to 70% OFF


Photo-Facial (can treat both reds & browns) 1=350, 3 Session Package = $750 or 5 for only $1,000
Reds – Rosacea / Capillary / Angioma Can do per spot – PENDING CONSULTATION
Browns – Pigmentation, Melasma, Sun/Age Spots Can do per spot – PENDING CONSULTATION
Facial capillaries $50-75 Per Vein / Package – PENDING CONSULTATION
Calming Facial (Rosacea) Mask, Product Skin Consult Gentle $129 Per Session / Package of 3 Treatments = $99 / Package of 5 = $449

Massage AND Steam OR Gentle Peel OR Exfoliations Recommended Products


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Ultra-Sound Facial (includes European facial) $199 Per Session / Package of 3 Treatments = $399 / Package of 5 = $599
Recommended Products After your done with a laser treatment, there are particular products that can extend your investment.


Want to find out more about how to get rid of redness? Call to schedule your treatment for Rosacea or broken capillaries! 724 987 3221

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