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Belotero allows your Medical professional to fill in and smooth out those moderate or severe nasolabial folds and Belotero is a safe and effective way to remove those wrinkles around the mouth and lips. Belotero is great for smile lines, marionette lines, corners of the mouth, pre-jowl, wrinkles on the chin.

  • Some advantages to using Belotero is the following:
  • Smooths out and eliminates moderate and severe wrinkles on the face.
  • Looks and feels amazing (natural).
  • Facial expressions and normal movements maintain a natural look.
  • Treatment provides a quick way to get great results
  • With Belotero there is little to no downtime


Used for Smile lines, marionette lines, corners of the mouth, pre-jowl, wrinkles on the chin. Radiesse filler amazing for smoothing out wrinkles for that natural youthful look. Radiesse injectable is used with a small needle that’s placed under the skin and works to give you volume in the skin. Additionally, there are amazing benefits that help stimulate your body’s collagen. The fantastic natural look and feel of Radiesse bring stunningly immediate results that are long-lasting. Call today to find out more about Merz products 7249873221.


A Botulinum Toxin used to temporarily eliminate deep wrinkles and facial folds. Xeomin incobotulinumtoxinA is FDA approved and does not contain additives. This natural option helps lower the possibility of patient’s experiencing negative side effects. Xeomin is a clinically proven injectable that removes frown lines while leaving facial expressions looking natural. As a result of age, our expressions leave unwanted frown lines of the face. XEOMIN relaxes your muscles, smooths away wrinkles and fine lines by blocking chemicals in the muscle so lines are smoothed and softened. Xeomin eliminating fine lines, wrinkles around the forehead, brow furrows, forehead, bunny lines in the nasal area, crow’s feet, eyebrows, vertical muscle bands in the neck, pore reduction, frown lines between the glabella lines, droopy brow lines, reduce the size of masseter muscle (jaw).

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Body Beautiful Rewards Page

ServicePricing2nd Vial PriceVIP Price
Belotero1st Vial 5992nd Vial 3491st Vial if VIP 399
Radiesse1st Vial 6492nd Vial 4491st Vial if VIP 599
XeominPricingVIP Price
Less than 10 units.$14/u$13 (also walk-ins price)
11-20 units$13/u$12
21+ units$12/u$11
41+ units$11/u$10

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