Beauty Foot Peel


beauty foot peel

The Beauty Foot Peel is an exfoliation treatment for dead skin cells on the feet, the product has innovated the beauty foot-care treatment by helping patients feet become soft and smooth. Also helpful if you are trying to speed up the cosmetic results of athletes foot or other fungal problems. The unique natural formula of extracts allows exfoliation to occur naturally while keeping skin moisturized. Say good-bye to dry, cracked, rough soles, by removing built-up layers of unwanted dead skin cells by using an effective and gentle product that really works!

You may not notice anything happening for 3-4 days after the initial application. Although once dead skin cells start to peel, the peeling can last 2 days,  NEVER forcibly remove dead skin cells It will exfoliate gently and naturally on its own. In some instances, you may want to wait till it becomes dry before the peeling begins, in this case, you can lightly moisturize the skin with an oil-free product.

baby feet beauty peel


Laser Toenail Fungus Removal3 sessions & Includes topical medicine Pricing Regular
5 toes (One foot) 3 sessions

10 toes (Both feet) 3 sessions$549


Pending Free Consultation
Take Home Nail Fungus Lasers
*Do NOT look at the light coming from the device*
1 = $149
2 = $125 each
3 or more = $99 each
WartsMany strains respond very well to our treatment.1 (includes all 3 sessions) $99
3 (includes all 3 sessions) $225
Foot PeelAn innovative product for foot-care to help your feet become soft and smooth as a baby’s foot$15 (does both feet)
2 for $25
Recommended Products Formula 3, Clean Sweep (antifungal spray), Nailesse antifungal, Dani-Pro Medicated Polish, Molecular AS, Tineacide antifungal kit, shoe spray.


The peeling action can take time and may differ from one patient to another. The maximum effect of the foot peel can proceed as long as 2 weeks for completion. If you feel that a second application is needed, then wait full 2 weeks after the 1st treatment and reapply.


For more information on the Beauty Foot Peel or product support call 724.987.3221

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