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What is Jeuveau or Newtox?

Jeuveau Evolus a hot topic in the cosmetic industry is taking over the Pittsburgh pa area. It’s a modern alternative cosmetic choice for the commonly known injectable Botox. Really comparable to Botox, Jeuveau is an injectable that manages the moderate to difficult frown lines concentrating on reducing indications of thous troublesome creases between your eyebrows. Dropping those glabellar lines provides you an extra soft fresh look to your appearance.

Is Jeuveau right for you?

Hello Newtox Evolus Jeuveau

Jeaveau cosmetic injections around the world and in our offices in Pittsburgh Pa, Cranberry TWP Pa, Monroeville Pa, Bethel Park Pa, and others are quickly becoming the goto injectable for many patients.

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Remove Wrinkles

Many of our patients state they don't want surgical procedures for wrinkles. This new product Newtox has gained excellent praise from patients including here in Pittsburgh Pa and around the world. They often favor having a few small injections rather than undergoing those surgical alternatives. We offer a great before and afters page for customers to view before treatment.

Jeuveau in Pittsburgh Pa

Free consultations for many of our services including Jeuveau prescribing information is available at many of our 8 locations call today for an appointment 724-987-3221.

Jeuveau Price

Cosmetic InjectablesUnits Pricing Regular VIP Bonus Deal on Special This Month!!
Dysport32 units or less$4.75/u$4.50
123+ units$3.50/u$3.25 (GREATEST Value)
Allé & Aspire Rewards get 200 points for $200 service.Become a Body Beautiful V.I.P.
BotoxLess than 10 units. $16/u$14 (also walk-ins price)
11-20 units$14/u$13

21-30 units$13/u

31-40 units$12/u

41+ units$11/u$10 (Best Value)
XeominLess than 10 units. $13/u$12 (also walk-ins price)
11-20 units$12/u$11
21-30 units$11/u$10
31-40 units$10/u$9
41+ units$9/u$8 (Best Value)
JeuveauLess than 10 units. $13/u$12 (also walk-ins price)
11-20 units$12/u$11
21-30 units$11/u$10
31-40 units$10/u$9
41+ units$9/u$8 (Best Value)

Anne's Treatment

“If you have something that bothers you outwardly changing it might help. I’m actually very happy with the whole process. Fear should not be a reason to keep you from doing something.”


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