IV Nutrient Infusion

Build Your Immune System

IV Nutrient Infusion

Over the last few years, advanced B12 shots have taken the world by storm offering a variety of benefits. Intended for optimal well-being and health, this amazing combination of vitamins and minerals injections are profoundly more beneficial than OTC oral supplements. Let us now take a closer look at this marvelous product. We’re going to discuss some of the premade IV kits in addition to highlighting some of the ingredients that can be tailored to your needs.

Premixed IV Kits 

Many patients want to know how they can benefit from IV Nutrient Infusion. This advanced product has many combinations for maintenance of various issues and concerns including hydration and weight loss. Let’s take a look at all the formulas available and how they can help you with all their possible benefits.

Quench Premixed Kit

Let’s start with this hydration formula which consists of advanced nutrient infusions that provide patients with the ability to battle exhaustion from dehydration. Its potential advantages include re-hydrating and detoxifying the body, restores fundamental vitamins, possibly reducing inflammation, enhancing circulation while combating fatigue. This injection contributes to three main topics; Ascorbic Acid, Olympia Vita Complex, and Olympia Mineral Blend mixtures intended to renew the fluids required for optimal wellness.

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Get-Up-And-Go B12 Shot

Now let’s take a look at the getup and go infusion. This formula provides patients with the ability to assist their metabolism and helps to make you feel more energized. The Get-Up-And-Go B-12 injection in burning fat and feeling energized which is a major concern for many around the world. The formula helps patients with those issues all while providing improved performance.

Recovery & Performance Premixed Kit

We all know that following an injury or surgery, the time to recovery can be long and drawn out. That’s why we recommend this formula to many patients after treatment or following a mishap resulting in injury. The Recovery and Performance kit is designed to improve that recovery time and possibly aid your athletic ability. This mixture can assist and support enhanced performance and overall wellness making you feel better in no time.

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Immunity Premixed Kit

Countless patients express their need to defend against infections, build their immune system, increase healing time and reduce illness progress. Built to better your immune system, prevent illnesses and make you feel better quicker the Immunity Premixed Kit comprises compounds that can help improve these issues while promoting optimal wellness.

Myer's Cocktail Premixed Kit

Would you like to relieve stress and renew balance? Then, the Myer’s Cocktail formula may be for you. It is formed of essential multivitamins with additional nutrients. It’s intended to assist the relief of chronic symptoms, including reoccurring pain, asthma while it enhances immunity, replenishes hydration, and aids in the reduction of migraines

Rapid Pain Relief
Ideal Candidate Focus Lens Array, severe wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks, uneven skin texture, mild-medium cellulite.

Inner Beauty Premixed Kit

Here at our offices, the ability to reduce wrinkles with laser and methods such as microneedling is considered our specialty. That’s why we love this supplemental formula. This marvelous formula provides top quality support in bringing out your glow and radiance. This blend of six medications considered to reduce wrinkles and relieve fatigued skin from the inside out is a must-have for many patients.

Coolsculpting, Radio Frequency, RF Lamprobe, Alma Accent XL

Alleviate Premixed Kit

Do you need PMS relief, minimization of bloating, reduction in abdominal distress and irritability or do you need help relieving lower back pain? Then this compound is for you. The Alleviate kit helps to reduce symptoms of PMS with its seven mixtures which may lessen bloating, irritation, abdominal uneasiness, and lower back pain.

Singular IV Injections

B12 and Premixed Kit Pricing

Nutrient Infusion TypeInjections Price Regular VIP Price
B12 Shot1 injection $39$29
Quench Premixed Kit1 Premixed IV$65
Recovery & Performance Premixed Kit1 Premixed IV$189
Immunity Premixed Kit1 Premixed IV$169/220
Myer's Cocktail Premixed Kit1 Premixed IVCall for Pricing
Alleviate Premixed Kit1 Premixed IVCall for Pricing

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these advanced formulas that may help you in your journey to a healthier happier you. If you have any questions about these products we encourage you to visit our ask the professional page where you can submit your questions and possibly be featured in the article.

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