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Why choose Body Beautiful Laser medi spa Laser Hair Removal Glossary

Body Beautiful offers lasting solutions for unwanted hair.

Are you a woman or man on the go, trying to juggle your careers and family? Hair removal will save you time. Men and woman can have undesirable excessive hair growth on certain parts of their body. Whether it’s facial hair removal or the underarms a skilled technician can administer treatment to destroy hair follicles.

The Laser Hair Removal Systems used here at Body Beautiful are FDA approved and are the GOLD STANDARD in laser hair reduction. Proven to deliver safe, effective treatments on all skin types (Fitzpatrick l-IV) with broadest range hair colors. Laser Hair Removal has become the most popular method for many areas of the body including back, chest, underarms, and bikini, laser hair removal is the best solution for permanent hair reduction.

Reasons for Hair Removal

  1. Permanently remove unwanted hair
  2. Treats ingrown hairs
  3. Saves time, money and energy
  4. Never wax, shave, pluck, tweeze, bleach again
  5. Treats hair on the lips, face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines, backs, chest etc.
  6. No more razor rash, shave bumps, ingrown hairs or scarring
  7. Works on Men and Woman of many different skin types
  8. Non invasive procedure
  9. No downtime
  10. Little to no pain
  11. FDA approved
  12. Promote less complications and fast healing before surgeries or medical procedures.

Save time, money and energy


wax, shave, pluck, tweeze, bleach again!

Stop worrying about razor rash, shave bumps,

ingrown hairs and scarring!

Laser Hair Removal treatments

Body Beautiful distinguishes itself as one of the only medical spas in Western PA offering the newest permanent hair removal technology, the VECTUS. This system has been proven preferable over other lasers due to these unique features:

Quick, uniform firing to large target areas (large areas such as legs and back can be done in just 20 minutes compared to 1+ hours with other lasers)

Built-in Melanin tracker (the Skintel electronic melanin meter automatically determines treatment settings for each individual patient’s max effectiveness and safety)

Contact cooling (the chilled broad sapphire crystal makes each treatment comfortable and cool). 

Click here for Photosensitive Medication List

Hair removal no more razors get lasers Permanent: concentrated pulses of light loosen the hair and disable the cells responsible for growth.

Fast: small areas, such as the underarms or upper lip, can be treated in less than 10 minutes, while larger areas can be treated in under half an hour.

Comfortable: various cooling methods keep the skin safe and allow for more comfortable treatments than electrolysis, waxing, etc.

New methods of laser hair removal deliver more efficient energy, twice the speed for shorter treatment times and are safe on the darker skin types. Hair can be removed from virtually any area on the body.

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Laser Hair RemovalArea Please Shave Area Prior to TreatmentSessionPricing - V.I.P. Members receive exclusive discounts and deals.
Gold VIP 50% Off | Platinum VIP 60% Off | Diamond VIP 70% Off
Small = Nose, Ears, Toes, Uni-brow, Lip, Brows, Breast, Hands, Feet, Chin
-1 session$150
-5 session$750
-6 session$900
Medium = Underarm, Shoulder, Neck, Bikini, Abs, Hands & Wrist
-1 Session$300
-5 Sessions$1,500
-6 Sessions $1,800
Large = Brazilian, Buttocks, Full Arms, Lower Leg, Chest, Full Face, Thighs, Half of Back (Ave. Size
-1 Session $400
-5 Sessions $2,000
-6 Sessions $2,400
X-Large = Full Back, Full Legs
-1 Session $600
-5 Sessions$3,000
6 Sessions$3,600
Buy 6 sessions = get *2 year guarantee
Buy the 7th Session at full price = Get a 4 Year Guarantee! (Starting from the 1st session) OR
Buy each additional session at 80% OFF!
Electrolysis $3 a minute (10 minute minimum)
Prices are based on average size male/female and are approximate, subject to slight change pending consult per person. 2 Year Guarantee from date of 1st purchase, is based on the coverage of sessions with treatment protocols; not the results. Guarantee is non-transferable and refers to the Body Beautiful Medi-Spa location availability
Recommended Products Acne Scar Recovery Gel, Acne System, TNS Essential Serum, Sunscreen, Retinol

Additional Shaving Fee May Apply

Your selected area should be shaved before coming in for your first session. There is a fee if we need to perform this service for you:

  • 10 for small areas
  • 25 for medium
  • 50 for large
  • 75 for extra large areas

We do not need to see where the hair is growing. Our trained professionals are looking at the root (under the skin), to permanently shutdown future hair growth. Hair left on the surface can increase the risk of burning.
“Don’t worry” its a myth, when you shave it will not come back thicker and darker. If this was true, bald men across the country would shave their head, hoping it would come in thicker and darker “You can’t change genetics with a razor.”

It is also best to clean area PRE-TREATMENT of make-up, antiperspirants, etc. It is especially important to avoid products that have self-tanners, bronzer, including make-up that can “tint” the skin tone.

Many Patients who receive Laser Hair Removal also benefit from laser toenail fungus removal, photofacial, tattoo removal and permanent cosmetics. 

Call Body Beautiful to schedule your laser hair removal today! 724 987 3221

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