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Before and After Botox Images Pittsburgh Pa

Before and After Dysport Images Pittsburgh Pa


Crows Feet Images Pittsburgh Pa

Frown Lines Images Pittsburgh Pa

Botox Testimonials Pittsburgh Pa

“Botox helped me look 10 years younger in about a week and the results stayed for 5 months!”

Adrienne C.

“Thanks for your help, Body Beautiful. My headaches are gone, I look but feel better already!”

Joanne M.

“I wanted to convey how grateful I am that this went so smoothly. Jeff’s confidence helped me relax and I was back on TV in less than 2 days with a huge difference! Thank You, I highly recommend!”


“Botox has eliminated the terrible frown that I was unable to control, which always made me look angry, even when I wasn’t.”

Liz D.

“I’m surprised how quick & painless the procedure was! I originally thought I needed a facelift, but after my consultation, I realized Xeomin was the best option for my wrinkles and crows feet, plus I love the natural ingredients. Plus, the injectables are much more cost effective than the price of a facelift!  I’m so thrilled with my results!”

~Sharon F.

“I absolutely love Botox treatment! I had my first injections right before my 41st birthday and it made all the difference in the world for me. I am now 47 and still have injections every 4 – 5 months to help smooth wrinkles away. My results are still visible for about 6 months since I have found this stellar cosmetic surgeon.”

– Skylar G.

“I had several wrinkle lines in my forehead and between eyes and it is fabulous! Xeomin me look years younger. It is very important to find someone who knows what they are doing or it will be a waste of money. I made a life change this year to only use natural products and eat organic, so I was so excited when I read all about Xeomin’s natural ingredients. Definitely will do again and again.

– Trisha A.”

“I used to get chronic migraines about once a week! A friend of mine recommended trying Dysport to help and I gave it a try. I love the results! Not only did it help with my migraines, but it makes my appearance better and younger too!”

– Linda K.

I’ve been receiving Botox injections for sweating for the past three years and I’m very happy with the results. After years of trying different antiperspirants, I decided to give botox a try. I can now go out in public without worrying about the embarrassing sweat.

– Dan C.

Botox Videos Pittsburgh Pa

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