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Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about injections from patients in our multiple Pittsburgh locations. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please call 724 987 3221

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I know if Botox Cosmetic is for me?
A: Between the ages of 18 – 65 with moderate frown lines between your brows may be a candidate for Botox Cosmetic. If you desire a slight improvement in your look or a “cleaning up” of age-related wrinkles, Botox® Cosmetic may be for you. It has become a superb option for the patient hesitant to undergo surgery, yet want to erase the deep creases of the face, reduce heavy vertical creases between the eyebrows, flatten deep forehead wrinkles and smooth out the crow’s feet area of the eyes. Therefore ridding yourself of the heavy tension look or remove a misrepresented, tired and angry appearance. Newer areas that are being treated include the age-defining wrinkles around the mouth, nose and the thick muscle bands of the neck. Patients appreciate its subtle improvement and are pleased when their acquaintances are not quite sure why they look better. Following treatment with Botox® Cosmetic, you can expect to appear more relaxed and rested.

Ask your doctor if Botox Cosmetic is right for you.

Woman after Botox Cosmetic

Q: How is the procedure done?

A: Botox and Dysport treatments are a precise procedure that must be done carefully to be successful. By doing an evaluation through examining your face at rest, but then performing various expressions movements in your muscles such as raising eyebrows, squinting or even making common faces. While looking at the depth and location of creases, they are then noted so that symmetry can be achieved. This assessment will help you to make a more educated decision on to how much of either toxin to use for each area, if any at all is needed or if using a Filler would be better.

After you’ve decided on the result you´d like to achieve, specific facial muscles that correspond to the areas you would like to improve are identified. After isolating these muscles, a tiny needle is used to inject a very small amount of Botox. Essentially, Botox® will paralyze the nerve controlling a muscle, which will prevent it from contracting. Since the muscle is no longer able to move, wrinkles will disappear.

Q: What is the treatment like?

A: Botox Cosmetic is a quick and minimally invasive procedure consisting of a few tiny injections. Your doctor will determine exactly where to administer these injections to achieve the best results for your liking. No anesthesia is required, though may choose to numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream prior to injecting. The entire procedure can be performed in your physician´s office, takes approximately 10 minutes, per facial area, there is no downtime afterward, which allows you to return home immediately after your procedure.

Q: Will I still be able to make facial expressions?

A: Although you may see a marked improvement, a treatment with cosmetic injectables should not make you look like you’ve “had work done.” The muscle activity that causes frown lines is simply reduced, so you can still frown or look surprised without the wrinkles and creases between your brows.

Q: How soon will I see a difference?

A: You can expect to start to see results within 3-5 days after your treatment and the appearance of the area between may continue to improve for up to 2 weeks. By day 30 in a clinical study, 89% of patients judged the severity of their frown lines between their brows as moderate or better.

Q: How long do the results of Neuromodulator last?

A: The results of Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are not permanent. Visible results have shown to last up to 4 months and follow-up treatments are needed to maintain best results. Some patients claim experiencing lasting results over six months. In most such cases the actual effects of the Botox have worn off but the muscle-memory has been interrupted and the patient no longer frowns or squints as much as before. Your own results may vary.

Q: How often should I do Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin?

A: Botox injections should be repeated 3 times per year for best results. Ideally, the next injection should be done by Body Beautiful staff before the results of your last Botox injection completely wear off. The goal is to keep the targeted muscles weak all the time. This is why we encourage our patients to schedule their visits in advance so there is no time period where their frown muscles are regaining bulk or strength. The goal is to have these muscles get weaker and weaker and therefore not be able to create fewer wrinkles (and have your Dollar go farther). Doing Botox injections once a year is better than not doing Botox at all. Twice a year is better than once a year injections. But ideally for the best results Botox should be re-injected 3 to 4 times per year.

Q: How young is too young for cosmetic injections?

A: Each person’s muscle movement and expressions are unique. The best age for Botox is when you notice your skin forming fine lines as a result of over expression, squinting or smiling. If you make lots of expressions with your eyebrows or eyes when you talk, work on the computer or are out in the sun, you may want to consider starting Botox Cosmetic as young as 25 to prevent wrinkles. Some women who do not “talk with their eyes” and don’t form too many expressions may hold off needing treatment, even as they get older. Most professionals give answers between 25 and 30 years.

Q: How can I be sure I’m getting real Botox Cosmetic?

A: Only licensed and trained healthcare professionals have the experience necessary to administer Botox Cosmetic. Our medical skin center only uses products manufactured through Allergan, Inc., maker of Botox Cosmetic, the only USA product that is FDA-approved (look for the “Allergan” hologram).

Q: How is Botox injected?

A: Botox comes in 50 and 100 unit sterile vials in powder form. Each practitioner has to add saline to reconstitute or dilute the powder in the vial. Anywhere from 1cc, 2cc, 2.5cc, 4cc or more of saline (salt water) can be added per 100 units. We prefer using 2cc in order to keep the Botox very concentrated but have enough volume to be able to inject the entire muscle length. Some doctors and spas put too much saline (4cc or more) in the 100 unit vial and there is too much water which can cause diffusion past its injection site, thus unwanted effects. Too little saline (1cc) is also not ideal because there will not be enough volume to allow injection of entire muscle length. The best dilution for Botox per 100 unit vial is 2cc or 2.5 cc. The goal is to weaken these muscles (so it may appear that the practitioner is not “doing the right spot.” To reduce facial wrinkles, Botox must be injected into the muscles (sometimes above or below) but not necessarily into the wrinkle.

Q: How much does Botox cost?

A: You must know how much Botox you are receiving – we highly recommend avoiding places who charge by “area.” Getting Botox by “unit” makes the most sense. The problem with paying by “area” is that no two people are exactly the same and each person may require a different amount of Botox. When you pay by “unit” you know exactly what you paid for and how much you received.

For example, if we charge $240 for 20 units of Botox, which equals $12/unit; the National average is $325, around $16 per unit!

Example: we can use these 20 units in between your brow OR for your frown lines. If you ask for your forehead relaxed as well (an additional area by some competitors terms), the increased total dose is an additional 5-12 units for the forehead which is usually all that is needed (only 25 or 30 units total), about $300 respectively here.

If you went to a Plastic Surgeon who charged by area, the frown lines would be considered one area and the forehead would be considered a second area and you may end up paying $500-$600 for 2 areas. You often end up paying more and getting less, they could be injecting both areas with only 20 units and you would be paying more and getting less and not know what you paid for!

They offer “free touch ups” to entice patients since their initial dose is usually too low. At Body Beautiful – you get what you pay for. If you need more, you will simply pay for the small additional amount.

For most women or men the cost will range on average anywhere from $300 to $400. Botox cost varies significantly based on geographic location and the expertise of the injector. We have seen some Spas or doctors charge as much as $30/unit. Our Spa runs great promotions and Daily Deals to entice new patients on trying out our service. New AND repeat patients should always buy direct from Body Beautiful.

Price Facts – Botox is not injected or charged per syringe the way Fillers are.

Q: What are Botox alternatives?

A: Botox was the original FDA approved neurotoxin for reducing wrinkles and lines but another substances, very similar, Dysport and Xeomin are great alternatives. We can help you choose which option is best for your cosmetic or medical needs. Other collagen injectibles, such as Juvaderm, Juvderm XC, Juvederm Voluma XC, Restylane, Radiesse, Belotero, Perlane, and Dermapen greatly reduces the facial wrinkles. Other people who don’t want to avoid surgery, may consider lip implants, which have a longer lasting effect.

Avoid devices sold on TV, claiming to exercise and strengthen facial muscles, may possibly help with sagging jowls but do the complete opposite on wrinkles and make them deeper!

Q: What form of anesthesia is used?

A: Most patients find that applying any form of anesthetic is unnecessary because the needle is so tiny. Although some patients do prefer to apply some ice or a mild analgesic cream 30 minutes before their treatment. This effectively eliminates the slight twinge that may be caused by a fine needle during treatment.

Q: Does insurance ever cover the cost of Botox injections?

A: When performed solely for cosmetic purposes, Botox injections are typically not covered by insurance. If there is some medical purpose to the procedure, coverage may be available to some degree and patients should check with their own insurance carrier.

Q: What is the future of Botox?

A: Botox® Cosmetic’s indication continues to expand and it is also being used in adjunction to surgical and laser procedures. Several innovative ideas are currently in developed for use. Its safety and convenience assures it is here to stay!

Q: Is the injection treatment painful?

A: No. Injectables are considered painless, however, most patients feel a quick pinch after the injection.

Q: How do injections work? Who is a good candidate for Botox, Dysport or Xeomin?

A: Review here

Q: Are there any side effects? Who is not a good candidate?

A: Review here

Q: What are the commonly treated areas?

A: Review here

Q: How often can I receive treatment?

A: Most people receive treatments every 4 months. You cannot receive treatments in fewer than 90 days.

Q: Do I need anesthesia before my treatment?

A: Anesthesia is not necessary prior to Dysport injections, however, at the patient’s request, a numbing agent may be placed on treatment areas to increase comfort level.

Q: Can Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox be done on men?

A: Yes, Dysport is extremely safe for men. The only difference between women and men is that men have different facial structures, therefore the injectors must use a different technique. Our injector has over 25 years of experience applying injectables and fillers to men and accentuating their features.

Q: How long has Dysport been on the market?

A: Dysport was approved for aesthetic use in 2001 in Europe and Canada. It was approved in 2009 in the United States. It has been used in other countries since 1991.

Q: What is Xeomin?

A: The newest product in the Botulinum Toxin family, Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxin) became FDA approved in 2011. Xeomin is used to temporarily eliminate wrinkles and frown lines. Similar to Dysport and Botox, Xeomin stops signals nerves send to muscles in the injection area. Essentially, the muscles freeze and are not able to compress, which allows facial expressions to relax and appear smooth. Unlike Botox and Dysport, Xeomin is labeled a “naked” product, which means it is not compromised with protective or additive proteins, which lowers the rate of negative side effects.

Q: Are there any risks associated with Xeomin?

A: Xeomin is FDA approved as a safe treatment for temporarily eliminating wrinkles. It should only be injected by an experienced, trained provider. Patients may experience bruising, redness or swelling at or around the injection sites. Rare but more serious complications include nerve damage or the toxin can spread outside of the intended area, resulting in a droopy appearance.

Q: Is Xeomin affordable? How do I pay?

A: Yes, Xeomin treats are very affordable, especially with our VIP packages and extra perks. We accept all major credit cards (except American Express), cash and checks.

Q: Are injectables affordable?

A: Yes, our injectable treatments are more affordable than people realize. Body Beautiful offers packages, VIP perks, and other loyalty programs. We accept all major credit cards (except American Express), cash and checks.

Please see the important information page for full Prescribing Information including Boxed Warning and Medication Guide.

Body Beautiful’s injectable treatments are performed with the latest techniques at our locations. For safe, effective treatments that garner success for plumping skin and accentuating volume, visit Body Beautiful. We are one of Pittsburgh’s top specialists in injectable and filler treatments and always welcome new and returning patients. Get in touch! 724-987-3221

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