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Total Body TRI-FECTA

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Small area

Regularly $600

VIP Price $450

Fat Freezing Body Sculpting – Chilling or freezing body fat operates by drawing the fat away from the body, separating and cooling it. Taking the temperature down a cooler state (similar to a refrigerator) which is adequate to freeze fat and to let the body remove it naturally.

Single session w/free body wrap

Regularly $300


Body Contouring – A completely noninvasive and non-surgical procedure that supports tightening of existing collagen and stimulates new collagen building.

Body Wraps

Single session


VIP PRice $59

Body Wraps – A method that heats the body directly, reaching underneath fatty tissue while thinning blood flow to provide additional access to areas where fat exists which causes it to better release these calories, which allows them to be used up as energy.

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