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Celebrating Veterans Day with a special thanks to all of our amazing military members!

Active military and vets
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A special thanks to all our Military members. New recruits, active military and vets receive 75% off already unbeatable laser service pricing!

LIMITED TIME ONLY HOLIDAY SEASON SPECIAL:  90% off select services for vets and active military. 

Serving our troops with unbeatable pricing!

Scar Removal Troop Special 90% OFF
90% OFF

Laser scar removal can be used to treat multiple skin conditions including pigments and acne scars. The Cynosure Picosure, Focus Lens Array system is a laser with extremely short pulses of energy that reaches the skin’s deepest layers within trillionths of seconds. The laser is 100x faster than other lasers and delivers quick results with fewer treatments.

Acne Troop Special 90% OFF
90% OFF

Acne is the most common skin concern in the United States, affecting not only teenagers but up to 80% of adults. Acne scars and surgical scars may cause emotional or physical pain and influence quality of life.

Stop Smoking Troop Special 75% OFF
75% OFF

Smoking costs you more than dollars…it costs years off your life! Our low level laser therapy eliminates the pain and discomfort of withdrawal and is safe, painless and effective with no side effects.

Appetite Suppression Troop Special 75% OFF
75% OFF

Body beautiful laser is designed to stimulate the central nervous system and cause an overproduction of the body’s natural chemicals. These are endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and other opiates like peptides. We are strategically stimulating Myo-Physical trigger points along the Auricular and Meridian pathways. These are directly related to appetite suppression. The therapy is designed to cause a sustained overproduction of the body’s natural appetite suppressants.

Laser Tattoo Removal Troop Special 75% OFF
75% OFF

We are Pittsburgh’s experts in effective laser tattoo removal. We offer a free consultation and use the best technology to remove your unwanted tattoo. Do you know that 1/5 of people have tattoo regret? That’s 20%! Years ago you may have made a decision that you thought you wanted for a lifetime, and now have regrets? If so, we are here to help! – Important Tattoo Facts.

Hair Removal Troop Special 75% OFF
75% OFF

The Laser Hair Removal Systems used here at Body Beautiful are FDA approved and are the GOLD STANDARD in laser hair reduction. Proven to deliver safe, effective treatments on all skin types (Fitzpatrick l-IV) with broadest range hair colors. Laser Hair Removal has become the most popular method for many areas of the body including back, chest, underarms, and bikini, laser hair removal is the best solution for permanent hair reduction.


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GOLD members get exclusive deals of the month. Members also receive 50% off any new laser service and access to the V.I.P Deals page. To become a GOLD member, all you have to do is fill out the V.I.P membership form and like two of our social media websites.

Platinum status receives 60% off all laser services. Members also get exclusive V.I.P. deals of the month. To become a Platinum member, you must be an existing Gold member, have completed two services and refer a friend that has a service done.

Diamond status is at the highest level and receives 70% off all laser services. Diamond members get a member card, access to the V.I.P deals page, and more exciting rewards. To become a Diamond member, you need to be an existing Platinum V.I.P member, host a Spa party, or refer 4 friends that each has a service done.

Procedures may vary per locations please see the full list of services (HERE)

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