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Upper and lower lip fillers injections consist of an injectable gel that’s usually used for placement in the lips. Thankfully there are many varieties of filler which include brands such as Juvederm, Voluma, Perlane, and Restylane.

How Filler Augmentation Works

First, you’ll be seen by a physician that will do an initial assessment at your consultation to evaluate the lip to plan the fullness and contour that you desire.

Juvederm Ultra Plus uses lidocaine a numbing medication that helps patients that desire a temporary solution. Our injection methods are usually quick, in and out, fast treatments that can be done on the same day as your initial consult and sometimes in between lunch breaks. For pricing visit our in-depth pricing page.

tOP LIP INJECTIONS and enhancements

Here’s are our patient’s favorite lip injections in order starting from commonly used.

Juvederm Ultra
Restylane Restylane lyft
NEW: Restylane Kesse or Silk

Lip Augmentation Implants Perma

Perma facial implant, Lip Augmentation Implants Perma,

The Science behind the Lips

Lip enhancement techniques may be separated into two kinds: Temporary and permanent. Temporary methods entail the application of injectable fillers renewed 6 to 9 months to sustain their contoured appearance. Permanent procedures commonly require the application of injectable fat, gel, and possibly implants.

As an outcome of current lip enhancement procedures, extensive study has led to the development, production, and implementation of our Perm Facial Implant, an advanced modern implant practiced for lip enhancement.

For the lips, this modern technique the Perma Facial Implant is an amazing alternative to other procedures

Perma Facial Implants

The enthusiasm encompassing the aforementioned cosmetic augmentation discovery has been inspiring and powerful both in Europe and the United States. The implant is made here in the U.S. and consists of soft solid silicone. The Perma Implant is one that cannot rupture, fail or diminish over time. The aforementioned implants match the correct dimensions of the lip. The implant is not an injection of silicone, it’s available in an assortment of widths and lengths to support the uniqueness of individuals lip features, narrowing at both ends to accommodate a natural looking lip. Although it’s permanent, the Perm Facial implant is also designed to be easily removable should a person wish to achieve a larger or smaller enhancement or even return their original lip appearance.

Amongst the various extraordinary aspects of this procedure is their natural look and ease with which they can be renewed for different measurement or removed completely. Never before has a product made for this use offered so many exceptional qualities.

Lip Augmentation Implants Perma | Perfect Lips

1. Outside Corners of Lips
2. Vermilion Border
3. Cupid’s Bow
4. Philtral Columns
5. Smooth Textures
6. Symmetrical & Full Lower Lip
7. Ptosis

* Natural Appearance
* Soft silicon/but cannot rupture, deflate or downgrade over time
*Methods administered following local anesthetic resistant to tissue “in growth”

*Permanent, but easily replaceable or removable. Does not restrict lip movement
*FDA approved

Full, Pouty Lips

Augmented lips Before and after, Lip Augmentation Implants Perma

Natural Lips (Only Better)

Augmented lips Before and after, Lip Augmentation Implants Perma

Mature Lip Rejuvenation

Mature lips rejuvenation Augmented lips Before and after, Lip Augmentation Implants Perma

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