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what to expect during treatmentPre-treatment information: Preparing for your treatment is a very important step in getting the best results from your Tattoo Removal.

  • Prior to your initial consult shave hair from the treatment area (as most treatments are done on that day).
  • Avoid the sun and tanning beds for 30 days, or cover repeatedly with SPF 30+
  • Please inform your technician if you are pregnant or have diabetes.
  • Also be sure to inform us if your tattoo has any metallic or plastic inks (NEW TATTOO RISK).
  • Before the treatment you may apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area, but it needs to be wiped off immediately before the laser is administered.

During treatment:

  • Wear goggles. If you are not wearing proper eye protection, as some laser settings will blindly lighten up the room when fired.
  • The whitening effect of the 532nm laser is not as great or noticeable as the 1064nm, but you should still be able to see a lightening after your treatment.
  • When doing tattoo removal on an arm sleeve, break the arm into two sections, top half and under half (it may compromise healing blood flow), just come back a week between sessions.

Post treatment information:

  • After your treatment, usual activities can resume, just keep the area clean!
  • May ice the tattoo area, be mindful not to scratch, rub or irritate the treated area in any way.
  • Avoid extreme sun exposure after the treatment, and until the area is fully healed.
  • Swimming pool, Chlorine, and sun can very, very slowly help it fade otherwise.

When working on a tattoo for the first time, it may be worth giving it a pass with the 1064 nm wavelength, even if it is in one of the other (lighter) color spectrums. Many tattoo shops do not necessarily have a broad range of colors. They will often have the basics and then use black or white ink to darken or lighten the base color. Hence, a dark red may still respond to the 1064. After a few shots, you will either have an immediate reaction (the typical whitening/ashy/chalky look) or no reaction at all. Discontinue if there is no reaction.

The 532 wavelength is for reds, yellows, and oranges. If you are unsure as to whether you are on the proper wavelength, the 532nm laser setting will light up the room when fired. If you are not wearing proper eye protection, the after image of the laser may inhibit your ability to accurately fire the laser again where you want it to go. The whitening effect of the 532nm laser is not as great or noticeable as the 1064nm, but you should still be able to see a lightening after your treatment.

When doing tattoo removal on an arm sleeve, break the arm into two sections, top and bottom. It compromises blood flow. We will have them come back a week between sessions.

NOTE: Places that go too fast or strong to shoot for quick results can crystalize the ink and chances are never that it can be removed, have patience for best success. Thus we do not have a super high Joule setting on the 1st session (others are doing a disservice) because now they are limited in success whereas we are able increase the Joules. Barely get an ashy/chalky reaction. Also, starting too high will crystalize the ink, but trap it in scar tissue.

Important 2016 Tattoo Facts

  • U.S. Annual spending on Tattoos 1.72 Billion
  • Americans who have at least one tattoo 15% (46 Million)
  • U.S. adults 18-28 who have one tattoo 38%
  • People with tattoos who claim they are addicted to ink 32%
  • People who have regret after getting a tattoo 19%
  • U.S. population who attempted covering up a tattoo 8%
  • People with a tattoo who are getting or have had one removed 13%
  • Almost half don’t want their children to have tattoos or piercings 49%

Consider these Important Factors When Getting a Tattoo – (learn from this advice)

  • People think reputation of tattoo artist is most important factor 47%
  • People think the most important factor is price 7%
  • People think a tattoo with personal meaning is most important factor 46%

Insight about people with a tattoo

  • People with tattoos say it makes them feel rebellious 29%
  • People who say it makes them feel more sexy 31%
  • People that say their tattoo makes them feel more intelligent 5%


  • People with tattoos who are high school graduates 20%
  • Those with associates degrees 19%
  • Falls steeply for those with a bachelor’s degree 10%
  • Advanced degrees (Masters) are even less likely 8%
  • PhD recipients who have ink 3%

HR managers cite tattoos as 3rd attribute that limits career potential

  • Feel tattoos/piercings hurt chances at a job interview 76%
  • Believe employees with tattoos may reflect poorly on their employers 39%
  • Feel visible tattoos are inappropriate at work 42%
  • Fortunately, only a few have reported faced actual discrimination 4%

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