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At Body Beautiful, we also offer many kinds of “advanced” tattoo removals. PicoSure Nano Treatment, R20 Method and Q-Switch/Fractional Treatment are all available at Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa . There is some doubt as to exactly how effective the R20 is. The original study on which it is based was not very extensive.

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal
Tattoos are challenging to remove because they are meant to be permanent. Even older, faded tattoos are very difficult to remove. Professional tattoos are applied into the deep layers of the skin, and darker inks (blue, green, purple) make removal even more challenging. However, our PicoSure laser uses PressureWave mechanics to actually shatter the ink particles lying in the deep layers of the skin, unlike any other laser. After the laser pulses, the ink begins collapsing into small particles and is removed from the body’s immune system. The tattoo begins to gradually fade with each treatment as more and more pigment is destroyed. The PicoSure ultimately removes your ink and solves your problem.


With the newest, most effective tattoo removal system, Laser Tattoo Removal works by a process called Photodisruption; it is the newest technology, has better results with fewer treatment complications, which allows for faster and less painful removal.

Being Photodisruptive works as it causes a micro implosion- under the skin that breaks down that tattoo ink into small particles that the body can exfoliate or expel (much the same way a bruise dissipates over time). The microscopic explosion will displace the ink into the epidermis in which case it will naturally sloughed off because of cellular turnover. The energy is targeted towards the carbon particles or dyes that are found in skin tattoos, allowing selective destruction of the foreign pigment while minimizing damage to the surrounding skin. Therefore breaking up the pigment/color in your tattoo, the body will respond by moving fluid to the area to help flush away the ink. This immune-response will be obvious to the patient in the form of some redness and swelling in the area. It doesn’t happen overnight but over the next few weeks ink will be flushed away. Over the several weeks, the body’s immune system will flush away broken down ink.

The Procedure

Tattoo removal treatments take between 10-30 minutes, depending on the tattoo size. Our technician will use the laser discussed during your consultation to administer the treatment. If requested, an anesthetic may be used for an additional fee. Patients can return to work immediately after treatment. Patients should refrain from rubbing and picking the tattoo for 7-10 days post-treatment. Patients should come for the next round within 4-8 weeks.

The Procedure Tattoo removal treatment

Over the past few years, technology has advanced to allow laser to need only a fraction of a second to break down pigment allowing your treatment to be completed in a series of 3 (cover-ups) to 10 treatments, in only a short time of 5 (small) to 30 (large sleeve) minutes. The number of treatments depends on the colors used, quality of ink (professional vs. homemade), the technique used and age of tattoo.
Color, Size, Smoking, and Age of Tattoo Affect Removal
Nonsmoking recipients having more success with many Cosmetic procedures. Smoking makes tattoos harder to remove – retreatment window should be 6-8+ wks (instead of 4-6) – and other important info published in September 2012 after a multi-year study. Smoking makes laser tat removal 70% less effective.
Smoking, Ink Color Affect Laser Tattoo Removal

We primarily do Tattoo removal with Different Wavelengths of laser. Ink best responds with a beam wavelength on the opposite end of the color spectrum. For example, a ruby colored laser will respond best on a green tattoo.

Use of Different Wavelengths

Different Wavelengths color range picosure

Other machines may use a different mid-range wavelength for these colors.

585 nm – Purple and blue
650 nm – Blues, green and yellow
1064 nm – Grey to black, browns and other dark colors
nm=nano meters

Initial treatments can and should be done with a larger spot size and lower energy. You will cover more area quickly, shorten the amount of time that the patient needs treated and any pain. It will have a more dramatic “effect” when the patient sees the big spots of lightened ink, and gives us more room to safely and effectively remove a tattoo by increasing the power (joules) in increments that fit the patient. Here at Body Beautiful we are more likely to give a largest discount on later sessions, so as to be safe and not be accused of making unnecessary money. As the treatments progress, we will have to make the spot size smaller and increase the joules, in order to “dig” for the ink. The recommended starting settings for a large, black tattoo is 1064, 6mm, 2 – 3 j/cm, 10 hz. Work up from there, generally going up one or two joules per treatment, as appropriate.

You may want to go slow and take breaks but most people prefer to bite a towel and quickly be done in seconds. This allows you to get in and out quickly, as to not interfere with your busy schedule. (Example below took only 10 minutes).

Tattoo treatment Q-switched laser Tattoo treatment Q-switched laser









R20 Method

We use a Q-switched laser. This stands for “Quality-Switched Laser” and refers to the fact that this laser targets short pulses of energy to a tattoo which cracks open the pigments. Your skin has cells called “macrophages” which are able to remove these broken down pigments from the tattoo. These lasers are effective at targeting the tattoo with minimal or no damage to surrounding skin.

We also offer an Advanced R20 Technique (a recently published article in the American Academy of Dermatology introduced a revolutionary method of removing tattoos with only one or two treatments. The old method, referred to as the R20 method, uses the Q-switched laser in an alternative way.

Tattoo treatment Advanced R20 Technique










Instead of only completing one pass of the laser during the office visit, there are several passes used to treat the tattoo during the same visit. The passes are completed with a 20 minute rest between treatments. Immediately after the treatment pass, there is a whitish appearance of tiny bubbles produced on the surface of the tattoo. The laser cannot target the tattoo through this whitening, so the 20 minute break between treatments is necessary for the whitish bubbles to disappear. After 20 minutes, the whitish appearance has resolved and the laser can once again target the tattoo pigment. The R20 method of tattoo removal is effective and safe; there were not increased side effects seen with the new method of treatment. Body Beautiful Medical Skin Center has built a more experienced arsenal of ways to achieve results, without increased risk. Call to schedule your consult.

State of the Art Technology medlite c6







State of the Art Technology

Better Lasers Make Tattoo Removal Easier

We use the most advanced lasers on the market. The Hoya Con Bio (now Cynosure) Medlite C6 AND C4 represent the gold standard in tattoo removal. With multiple wavelenghts to choose from, we can use the optimum wavelength (dye packs) to treat specific color ink, customizing the treatment for each patient and each individual tattoo. With PhotoAcoustic technology pulse (PTP). The Medlite C6 hardnesses up to 60 percent more power to deliver peak energy while maintaining patient comfort. C4 Laser Tattoo Removal with Half the Pain and Half the Time

Pre and Post Recommendations



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