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We Offer The World’s Best Laser Technologies

Introducing the PicoSure 532! Eliminates red, orange and yellow ink better than any other laser on the market today!

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

Body Beautiful uses the world’s most innovative and fastest tattoo removal laser, the PicoSure. PicoSure technology is safest and most effective laser and it’s now available in Western Pennsylvania! The benefits of the PicoSure are extremely extensive as it’s voted the #1 option for tattoo removal. Other methods may have lightened or faded your tattoo, but the PicoSure is proven to reach deep inside the skin’s layers to remove the ink at its roots.

older tattoo removal tech vs newer technology


Pigment Lightening and Pigment Lifting Process

There are many products (wrecking balm) and processes (peels and microdermabrasion) that strive to lift or lighten unwanted pigment. Lifting or correction is attempted by irritating the skin, inducing accelerated exfoliation, controlled burning of the skin with various laser treatments and the process of dermabrasion or sanding of the skin. All of these methods represent an assault on the skin, thus increasing the probability of scarring.

First, the client must inform the technician how long the pigment has been in the skin. It is easier to get fresh pigment out of skin, versus pigment that’s been in the skin a longer period of time. That being said, the success rate of lifting small amounts of pigment with this relatively new method has proven quite successful.

Fractional Laser/ Q-switch Combined Method®

The medical field is always continuing to expand its studies. New methods regarding medical treatment are being discovered daily. We are finding out when you have come further along in your series of treatments and you do not have a lot of darker pigment left, It’s harder for the laser to see the lighter colors left behind. With a combination treatment with our Fractional Laser we are able to get the tattoo nearer to 100% gone. The fractional 1540 laser vaporizes microscopic columns of our skin and puts microscopic holes in the skin. This allows for another, multiple avenues of escape! It forces the skin to grow back younger, tighter and without the memory of the scar/pigment. When doing tattoo removal, don’t use the 1540 unless they have done at least 4 laser treatments

fractional laser resurfacing

Solution Method
For pre-treated, lighter, more faded tattoos, we may recommend using our Solution Method. This works by implanting the solution (much like implanting ink) with a tattoo needle. Thus, allowing solution to liquefy implanted ink and your body quickly responds by pushing solution and ink to the surface of your skin.

 Wipe away the ink before picosure (2) Wipe away the ink! Wipe away the ink after picosure (1)



Regardless of the color the tattoo is (unlike most lasers), the surfacing color will look brown (no matter what color the ink was). You can actually see the color wipe away! It is VERY important to keep the treated area very clean! The color should scab on the surface as a natural protective barrier, but you are also instructed to apply a bacitracin ointment and bandage over the area for more protection (twice daily). Treat this area like a wound that needs tended to. Use your judgment if the area seems to soggy from the ointment then let it safely air dry when you can. The objective is to let the “pigmented scab” dry out like a crust and SLOWLY slough off (over the next 2 weeks). As it sloughs off, it will take that bit of color with it. DO NOT try to pick it off!!! You do not want to risk getting germs in the wound, making it bleed, prolonging healing time or risk scarring. You may need more treatments depending on how much pigment YOUR body releases each time. Blue and Green colors seem to be a little more stubborn to release.

Pre-filled Scripts for Antibiotics Tattoo removal – To treat for infection; watch for poor circulation areas or anything over size tiny. Can have reaction to the ink (especially RED ink) called dormant/latent allergy to pigment. Need to tell them to keep it clean, covered and ointment on it.

Pre and Post Recommendations

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