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Before and After Scars and Stretch Marks



After my third child, I had embarrassing stretch marks that covered my stomach and thighs. I tried to use lotions and ointments like Mederma, Shea Moisture and Nerium, but nothing was working or seemed long term. I found Body Beautiful online and went in for a free consult and got my first treatment done that day. It took about 7 treatments to completely remove my marks but I am so happy that I feel confident in a bathing suit again. – Penny L.

Thanks for removing my stretch marks after my weight loss. I was excited to lose 50 lbs but not excited to see stretch marks all over my body. Luckily my girlfriend told me about laser services at the place she gets body wraps, and I gave it a try and it worked. Thanks, BB! – Jason H.

I had a horrible scar on my face from a car accident a few years ago. My dermatologist said that I should use scar cream for healing, but it will never fully go away. I researched some scar removal methods and found out about cosmetic laser treatments. Starting with the fractional laser, then sublative laser treatments, my scar is gone!! – Vicki G.

My scar from a sports injury has really been bothering me so I asked my doctor how to get the scar removed. She referred me to Body Beautiful Medical Spa for laser treatments and I’m so glad I did. They even threw in free treatments while I was doing there on my appendix surgery and a couple chicken pox and acne pits. I don’t have to cover my scar with long sleeves anymore (thank god!). – Nick G.


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