Cutera Pearl Fractional


The XEO Advantage

Are you interested in an anti-aging laser treatment that’s a complete single treatment solution? 

Well, Pearl Fractional might be the answer you’re looking for. This state-of-the-art laser operates by treating deep blemishes and imperfections such as irregular skin texture, enlarged pores, skin wrinkles, and even acne scarring in just a single treatment session. Additionally, the Pearl provides the ideal addition to a cosmetic or medical procedure requiring downtime. ProFractional cost ranges anywhere from $299 to $1,599 in the Pittsburgh Pa area.

Woman face using Body Beautiful Products

Before and afters - Pro FRACTIONAL

ProFractionaL Pricing

ProFractional | Pearl | AblativeNumber of Sessions Price ProFractional Page
Medium - half face (wrinkles),
10x10 square inches of stretchmark,

15 inches scars
1 Session$899
Large - full face and neck,
360 area stretchmarks
1 Session
Smaller and additional areas available for consult

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