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Fractional Skin Resurfacing Woman In The MirrorIs Fractional Skin Resurfacing Right For You?

Q: What can I do to prepare for treatment?

A: Avoid using retinols, glycolics, self tanner, tinted lotion, or bronzers. Do not wear makeup to your appointment. Avoid sun exposure 2-3 weeks prior to your treatment and 5 days after. Use sunblock daily to prevent more sun damage.

Q: Can I have sun exposure after treatment and or go tanning?

A: NO, this could increase chance of side effects. Also avoid tanning, self bronzers or tinting foundations before ANY laser sessions.

Q: Which areas of the body can I get treated?

A: Generally, we can treat any area with the exception around the eyes including full face, neck, shoulders, hands, arms, back, stomach, legs, feet, Saggy jowls, loose neck skin, chest striations, wrinkly hands, abdomen, tummy tuck scars, sagginess under eyes, nasolabial folds, above brow line and many more areas.

Q: What are the side effects?

A: The most common side effect is a slight redness or mild swelling in the area that disappears within a few hours.

Q: How quickly can you see results?

A: You will notice results after one or two sessions. Typically laser treatments are done in a series of 3-6 sessions every 4 weeks. Yearly touch ups are recommended. New collagen production does not begin for 6 weeks after the treatment and visible improvement usually is seen by the third month. Sun exposure may cause freckles and sunspots to reappear.

Q: How long will new collagen continue to grow?

A: The collagen production continues for six months to a year after your last treatment.

Q: Does the skin resurfacing treatment hurt?

A: The treatments are not painful. Most patients say it feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin. Treatments last anywhere from 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of area treated.

Q: What are the prices and packages?

A: We offer several specials and packages. Click here to review our prices and packages. Sign up to become a VIP and receive half off laser services your first year.

Q: Who is a candidate for eMatrix sublative laser or 1440 fractional skin resurfacing laser treatments?

A: Everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Darker skin types will require a test spot to make sure hypopigmentation does not occur.

Q: How does skin tightening work?

A: The fractional infrared method delivers infrared light deep into the dermis. This light causes soft tissue coagulation which leads to remodeling of the collagen within the dermis. The remodeled collagen fills in wrinkles and sagging, for overall skin tightening.

Q: How do Sublative treatments work?

A: Sublative is delivered through bipolar radio frequency energy through a disposable tip. The radio frequency energy generates fractional fraxel deep dermal heating in the region of the electrode matrix to induce skin injury, thus eliciting a wound healing response.

Q: How do Fractional treatments work?

A: Fractional 1540 laser works by vaporizing a fraction of microscopic columns of the skin instead of all of it (like Fraxel) to ensure a faster recovery. Which will cause the new healthy skin to grow back tighter and smoother skin, without the memory of the scar or stretch mark.

Q: Is there downtime for a Fractional or Sublative Treatment?

A: There is minimal amount of down time, you may notice slight swelling and blotchy redness post treatment that should only last a couple hours to 1 to 2 days for fractional, but sublative can last longer. Some refer to it as specs that look like coffee grounds. The skin may appear darker as it heals. This is due to the microscopic scabbing and isn’t noticeable and can be covered with makeup within minimally 36 hours.

Q: What should I expect after treatment?

A: You may experience lingering warmth, tightness or redness in the treated area, which fades within a few hours of treatment. You can ice with a sterile ice pack to relieve the warm feeling. Because so much of the skin is unaffected by the light pulses, there is a quick healing process. Generally, you can receive a treatment and go back to work or to other activities without any recovery time. A series of treatments at 4-6 week intervals may be required to achieve the desired result of smoother, tighter skin in the face, arms, abdomen & other areas.

face and hands of beautiful womanQ: When can I notice a difference?

A: Most people will need 3-5 treatments (recommended) for fractional, about 4-6 weeks apart (half of that for sublative), although we have had patients notice a difference in one treatment! Treatments will vary from patient to patient depending on skin condition.

Q: How long do treatments take?

A: About 30 minutes, but this will vary from patient spot size treated.

Q: What other non-surgical services can be combined with eMatrix?

A: Not on the same day, but possibly in-between sessions to get max results. Fractional, Sublime skin tightening, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and photofacials.

-While Photofacials target discolorations, a Fractional Laser is used for skin resurfacing (skin tightening and wrinkle reduction) and can be used on all skin types.

Q: Can I exfoliate my skin after a treatment?

A: NO, you don’t want to exfoliate after a treatment for at least a week. Only use gentle washes and a gentle moisturizer.

-How is Intense Pulsed Light (ipl) different from a true Fractional Laser?

Q: How does the pulsed light work?
A: We use specialized handpieces which filter light from different parts of the spectrum. Each band of the spectrum has a wavelength that is ideal for different treatments, such as hair reduction, sunspot removal or leg vein clearance.

Pulsed light systems and lasers are very similar, but our pulsed light systems use a much larger treatment window than most lasers. This spreads light over a wide area of skin and allows faster coverage of the skin and quicker treatments as a result. For example: if the handpiece filters light into a band of the spectrum to affect acne, it concentrates the light into individual pulses targeting acne-causing bacteria.

Q: How does the Palomar 1540 differ from other non-invasive fractional resurfacing techniques?

A: Unlike other systems on the market today, the Palomar1540 laser energy penetrates deeper into the skin’s tissues than any other competing system. The system also includes a cooling device, which cools skin as it is treated, offering less discomfort during the procedure. Because the energy is directed deep into the under layers of the skin, the upper layers of the skin are not damaged.

Q: How does laser skin resurfacing work?

A: We use specialized handpieces which filter light from different parts of the spectrum. Each band of the spectrum has a wavelength that is ideal for different treatments. Lasers target a smaller, more direct area to treat. This specific handpiece treats a fraction of the skin instead of all of it at once (like Co2 laser). This creates a faster recovery process.

Q: What makes these treatments different from others?

A: Rather than using one large beam to deliver infrared light into the skin, we uses the “fractional” approach: delivering an array of small beams. Each beam creates a heated column in the dermis, which is surrounded by an unaffected area. The unaffected tissue stimulates quicker collagen remodeling and faster healing.

Amazing Cosmetic Benefits

  • Little to no downtime
  • Minimal side effects (redness, peeling, swelling that lasts only 1-2 hours)
  • Remove your skin’s problem areas that have made you self-conscious or unhappy for years in just a few treatments
  • High success rate with most patients getting happy with their results after 2-3 treatments
  • Results can last a lifetime
  • Healthy skin throughout the epidermis and dermis
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