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The first 48 hours is the toughest. It takes 48 hours for the chemicals in your body to reach optimum levels. After 72 hours your chances for success are greatly improved. Try to refrain from things that you do in conjunction with smoking, overeating or the use of other addictive substances. Attempt to alter the environment that sustains these behaviors, or stressful situations.

Before you started smoking, your body naturally produced chemicals that are vital to your health and well-being. These chemicals are neuro-chemicals/brain chemicals that have a slight opiate-like effect. When these chemicals are in balance they keep you alert and happy throughout the day. When these chemicals are out of balance they can make you either sad, depressed and overexcited or possibly even irritated or angry. They are largely responsible for stabilizing many of our moods. Your body is subjected to an addictive withdrawal roller coaster process multiple times per day.
Laser therapy is designed to cause a sustained overproduction of these chemicals which in turn helps eliminate pain and discomforts associated with withdrawal symptoms due to the termination of these addictive materials. The laser therapy is unlike quitting cold turkey because it satisfies your cravings by maintaining a satisfactory level of these chemicals.

The cost right now is minor compared to all the negative side effects. We provide 4 therapies if needed within a 30 day period with a follow-up visit to help ensure your success. To experience the full effect of the laser therapy, we ask that you do your very best to refrain from smoking for approximately 12 hours before treatment (and no less than 8).

Fast, proven, effective methods
NO weight gain

Be nicotine free with no irritability or jitters

More energy to do fun things with your family and friends

Quickly and safely rid your body of poison – feel better fast

Helps the body heal itself and triggers the release of endorphins, the natural “feel good” chemicals the body uses to relieve pain and stress.

Many of our clients end up falling asleep within minutes of starting the take-home hypnosis CD part of therapy because it is so relaxing.

Laser treatments for smoking cessation and weight control have been used in Europe since the 1980’s. Studies show an exciting 85% success rate using the Infrared Laser wavelength and 65% success rate using the Red Laser wavelength. Due to the higher success rate of the Infrared Lasers (IR), we only use IR lasers for that purpose and have multiple laser models to choose from. This easy and successful method of treatment is now being regularly promoted in the United States and Canada.

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We work hard to make sure you get results. We do accept most flexible spending accounts. If you work for a large corporation, you can ask your Human Resources Manager to add this service to their insurance plan or inquire about a group/couples/referral/friend discounts rates. Now you can quit smoking as a group, office, or team! “Ask about our gift cards!”


It has been 106 days today since I quit smoking and still absolutely painless! Just got back from Las Vegas. Sat with die-hard smokers for 2 weeks and not even a hint of a craving. I can’t thank you enough for the laser treatment and people can’t believe how easy it has been for me to stop smoking. It was painless, no side effects or a trigger. I can honestly say I feel like I never smoked in my life and I really never had a strong craving to smoke since my treatment. Thanks!!! – Valerie M

To note I am still a non-smoker! I had tried other methods like electronic cigarettes to quit smoking before. None worked. I had smoked for 35 years and after taking one treatment I walked away not smoking and I have not looked back. I recommend your laser hypnotherapy to anyone who really wants to be nicotine free. Follow all the instructions carefully and I believe you could be like me. I thank you for your help and expertise on getting me to my goal – a non-smoker. A nice side effect was the pain relief I felt in my lower back as well. This was a true success. Thank you again. Lea Ann K.

My husband had smoked for 40 years and I had smoked for about 25. After my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer, we made plans to quit smoking on my birthday. We looked forward to that day by talking about how nice it would be – everything would smell better and we’d have extra money to spend. We tried smoking a little less, but it’s too hard to quit on your own. Then we tried vapor cigarettes and nicotine replacement gum, even stopping cold turkey. But then we decided to try another method. After researching we came across Body Beautiful’s laser technology and hypnosis for addiction. We went right after each other. We were scared but the effects have been flawless. I don’t even crave my cigarettes anymore! I haven’t been this happy and healthy in YEARS! – Carrie D.

About 30 years ago, I started smoked. I do not know why and I wish my 64-year-old self could stop, but I needed to because of my Asthma. I tried things like vapor cigarettes, fake chew, patches, and gum but I always went back. My daughter told me about a new laser that could help. She was sick of the second-hand smoke, so I said I would try. I gave it a try and after two sessions I can officially say I am smoke-free. I feel refreshed and wonderful. -Tom C.

I was recently diagnosed with emphysema so smoking was no longer even an option. It has been a month since I quit smoking after my low-level laser therapy. I made sure it was non-invasive. I feel much better, saving money and buying some things that I really need and those things aren’t cigarettes. No relapse. I’m so happy now! Thank you. – Zack S.

I went to Body Beautiful for appetite suppression two months ago. I cannot thank you enough. No cravings, no weight gain, and no stress just as promised! I would recommend this to anyone as a hassle-free way to fight addiction. -Rachel C.

Yippee! Thank you for giving me the tools I’ll need to be happy with my body! I now know that I’ve been brainwashed for years. I feel your laser process has helped to cleanse my way of thinking. I can now drive past McDonald’s and not even get a craving! – Mike S.

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