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Stop smoking laser 4 step multi-phase processThe Process:

Body Beautiful Laser Medi Spa combines the benefits of traditional acupuncture with the technology of photo or light therapy creating one of the most effective and technologically advanced therapies available for treating a variety of health issues.

Development and research has allowed us to develop advanced therapies. Our multi-faceted and technologically advanced approach allows us to achieve one of the highest on-going success rates. Our technology involves techniques that trigger the brain to produce it’s own natural opiate substitutes to overcome withdrawal and cravings, behavior modification techniques are used during and after the therapy to overcome the psychological mindset of dependency and a nutritional and educational program designed to support the body as it heals

Our success is based on a 4 step multi-phase process to cover all aspects of helping you quit your addiction:

* Body Beautiful uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to suppress the smoking craving. This is a non-invasive, drugless, therapy aimed to bio stimulate your body’s natural hormone energy flow points, to relieve physical withdrawal symptoms. We use cold lasers, so it is not painful. This process is placed similarly to the common acupuncture elements. The cold laser is applied to the nose, wrists, hands and ears. This stimulates the endorphins in our brain which makes us happy and reduces cravings.

* Detoxification – We include neutraceuticals, a detoxing vitamin kit to start the process from the inside out. By safely eliminating the 4,000+ chemicals in cigarettes we increase the odds of quitting smoking.

* Psychological – Therapy provides handouts with tips and tricks to get over quitting smoking. Including how to deal with daily behavior changes, what to do when your drinking and ways to avoid starting again. We provide a 24 hour clinical support line in case you feel like you’re going to start smoking again. We also provide “Power” of suggestion CD (hypnosis) that teach you to alter the way you think and then behave. What we teach gives you an advantage to ensure long term success with goals and connections to outcome

* Physical – Supporting the body nutritionally to rid it of toxic chemicals and aid the body in repairing damage. Thus, stimulate endorphins to make you feel happy instead of smoking a cigarette and reduce the craving. Our goal is to use every angle possible to kick this bad habit and add years to your life!

Lasers for this treatment K laser and ThorAt Body Beautiful, we have two different types of lasers for this treatment, K laser, and Thor. We are dedicated to getting you the results you want. So if one is not getting results fast enough, we switch or add a different laser. Our lasers can also do an appetite suppression treatment for weight loss. The Smoking Cessation treatment works best when combined with the Infrared Body Wrap. It improves circulation, cardiovascular, and immune systems. Most importantly the heat penetrates twice as deep getting the toxins and cellulite out of the skin and it promotes healthy weight loss as well.

Therefore, you can see why this is important in the process. Some companies use cheap knock off brand lasers that aren’t strong enough to provide a strong enough treatment for results. With this in mind, be sure to do your research and make sure your getting the treatment that you pay for and aren’t getting ripped off!

Cool Laser, hypnosis and learning to alter the way you think and then behave, which is what we teach, gives you an advantage over other stop smoking programs. Non-invasive, painless, drugless therapy aimed to bio stimulate your body’s natural hormone energy flow points, to relieve physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. Our proven stop smoking process minimizes the common frustrations, aggravations and annoyances people experience with other methods. Because nicotine addiction is more than simply a chemical dependency, our treatment includes:
Relieving the physical need for nicotine without using nicotine (patches, gum, etc.).

Addressing the psychological aspects of addiction.

Supporting the body through nutrition to rid it of toxic chemicals.

Since nicotine is an appetite suppressant, many clients are concerned about gaining weight after their treatment. If this is a concern for you, we can trigger additional points to help suppress your appetite and stimulate your metabolic rate.

When smokers try to cut back or quit, absence of nicotine leads to withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is both physical and mental. Physically, the body is reacting to the absence of nicotine. Psychologically, you are faced with giving up a habit, which is a major change in behavior. Both must be dealt with if quitting is to be successful. Used to treat nicotine addiction, stimulate weight loss, reduce stress and manage pain. The laser can help take away the irritability, short temper and feelings of anxiety associated with giving up an addiction.
Quickly learn to no longer think about using any form of tobacco. You get the secrets to permanently stay tobacco free. Imagine forever free of nagging thoughts to smoke!

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