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Smoking kills lungs harmful chemicals found in cigarettesCigarette facts

Do you know what’s in your cigarettes? Most people don’t, others are afraid to find out. Tobacco companies are notorious for adding an array of chemicals to cigarettes for various reasons; keeping you wasting your hard earned cash, filling the pockets of big tobacco company’s.

There are over 4000 additives used to make the product taste better, and preserve it for a long-term shelf life to keep you as a loyal customer

Here’s a list of just a few of these harmful chemicals found in cigarettes and what they’re commonly used for

1. Acetic Acid

2. Acetone – nail polish remover (It makes bloodstream absorb more nicotine)

3. Ammonia – toilet cleaner

4. Arsenic – rat poison

5. Bromine – expands airways so smoke reaches lungs faster

6. Butane – Lighters

7. Cyanhydric Acid – used in gas chambers

8. Formaldehyde – used to preserve the dead

9. Hydrogen cyanide

10. Insecticides (DDT)

11. Metals – 76 metals including cadmium (batteries), nickel, lead – poisonous

12. Methanol – rocket fuel, anti-freeze

13. Naphthalene – (mothballs) breaks down red blood cells

14. Pesticides

15. Phenol – disinfectant

16. Radioactive compounds

17. Stearic Acid – candle wax

18. Toluene – causes severe neurological harm

19. Turpentine – paint thinner

20. Nicotine has been confirmed as the most physically addictive substance in existence

21. Various additional toxins

Breaking-CigarettesAre you ready to quit yet?

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If not, here are some more facts to insist on quitting smoking NOW!

More Reasons to Quit Smoking These facts found at


Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are both psychologically and physically addicting, more addictive than heroin, crack, alcohol and cocaine.

It’s a fact that smoking is harmful, but how harmful?
Studies show tobacco use increases the risk of: Cardiovascular disease Multiple Cancers Cataracts Gastrointestinal problems Respiratory disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Pregnancy complications, Orthopedic conditions, Skin conditions, Rheumatologic conditions, Tooth/gum problems and Kidney damage. Adverse effects in pregnancy and early childhood Strokes and heart attacks are common amongst smokers.

Its also a fact that 4.9 million people die each year from tobacco products
Lung disease is responsible for 1/7 deaths in the USA. Roughly 342,000 Americans die every year due to lung disease. About 1/5th of deaths in the USA can be attributed to tobacco products

49,000 Americans die a year from secondhand smoke

Secondhand cigarette smoke kills about 53,000 Americans each year

3,400 nonsmokers a year die from lung cancer from second hand smoke

About 440,000 people die a year from smoking, that’s 1,200 Americans dying daily.

Every 8 seconds, an American dies from a tobacco-related disease

highway sign quit smoking next exitTobacco kills more than AIDS, illegal drug or alcohol use, homicides, fires and auto accidents combined
8.6 million people live with a serious illness from smoking

Smokers die 13-14 years sooner than non-smokers

Smokers are 2-4 times more likely to have a heart attack

Nonsmokers exposed to smoke at home are 20-30% more likely to get lung cancer and 25-30% more likely to get heart disease

54% of children 3-11 years old are exposed to secondhand smoke

Babies exposed to secondhand smoke are more prone to pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections and ⅓ of today’s youth will die prematurely from smoking
Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of premature death, disease and disability. Smoking is responsible for about one-third of potential years of life lost due to cancer, about one-quarter of potential years of life lost due to diseases of the heart and about one-half of potential years of life lost due to respiratory disease.

Twenty-one percent of American adults smoke, 22.6 % of men & 17.5% of women smoke.
80% of persons who smoke, who have been identified and advised to stop smoking, report that they want to stop smoking (Brodish, 1998). Approximately 46.5 million adults in the United States smoke cigarettes and studies show that nearly 75% of them want to quit? Ninety-five percent of people trying to quit fail. Only 5% of smokers are able to quit. The cold laser therapy for quitting smoking has a success rate of 80%. Currently, none of the other smoking cessation products even comes close to this success rate.

Are you ready to quit yet? Give us a call! 724 987 3221

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