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“My face now looks firmer and luminous even without make-up. I had sun damage and discoloration from years of sun bathing. Thank you so much Body Beautiful, for bringing ematrix sublative cosmetic procedure to Pittsburgh.” -Bianca D.

“I find the staff knowledgeable and professional. The clinic bright and clean. The services just as described. I’ve had effective results for this treatment as I suffered from Melasma on my face and sun spots on my hands from years of going without sunscreen. My complexion is much more smooth and toned.” -Greg S.

“Several years ago I had made an appointment to have the fotofacial laser resurfacing done on my face. Last year when I received reviews about a new procedure, E-Matrix, I decided switch it up. I had four treatments spaced over a period of three months. The downtime after each was minimal, about two days. There was an improvement in the texture of my skin but I was amazed when I saw the after photos taken several months later and could see a definite tightening of my skin (more collagen). This was an unexpected benefit! Now I frequently receive compliments on my skin tone and complexion. People are always amazed when I tell them that I am 63 years old! I recommend E Matrix as a conservative way to improve your complexion and for rejuvenation.” -Linda S.

“Side effects were minimal. I have wrinkles, and my skin had lots of dark spots and the pore size was embarrassing. I needed an entire skin rejuvenation. This treatment gave me back my youthful skin. I will buy another 5 sessions this winter.” – JoEllen J.

“This laser is wonderful. I needed something that went much deeper than the IPL or microdermabrasion. I got chicken pox at the age of 24 which was much worse than having them as a child because I didn’t realize it was the pox at first. My skin was scarred all over my arms, neck and thighs. The ematrix laser removed my scars after 6 treatments and now I am ready for summer! So happy I did some research and found out how to get rid of scars!” – Tiffany F.

“I wanted to restore my skin and get a more youthful glow without surgery. I had a few superficial skin lesions and lots of damaged skin from years of acne. I didn’t think I could still have acne at my age (49) but I do. After trying several medications from my dermatologist that didn’t work, I decided to give laser treatments a try. I scheduled a consult with Body Beautiful and my technician recommended the sublative. The results were great …much better than my topicals and oral medications and less side effect. I definitely recommend to my friends and family!” – Karen D.




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