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How does Sublative work:

Sublative Skin Rejuvenation uses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency to penetrate through the skin, sending more energy beneath the surface of the skin to maximize collagen production. While creating deep dermal heat to induce a controlled injury. Anytime we have an injury to the skin this triggers a wound healing response not only from the targeted area but also from surrounding tissue. This helps to accelerate the healing process. This is an important factor in why it’s safe for all skin types and requires less downtime than other treatment methods for the skin to heal. Thus effectively improves wrinkles, scars, skins texture and tone.

Depending on the severity of the patients skin problems, the eMatrix technician chooses from 1 of 3 treatment programs, This will help to customize the best treatment needed for skin. Your laser technician will discuss with you to evaluate and determine what program settings will best suit you. Can also control and adjust the TIP SIZE and SPOT DENSITY.

*Program A is a shallow impact or mild ablation

*Program B, mid-level impact or a moderate ablation

*Program C is our Deepest impact and most intense ablation

Results may vary and unlike other laser procedures,

Reactions do not depend on skin type but a more person to person healing process.

Effectively improves wrinkles, scars, skins texture and tone

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How is the treatment performed:
The treatment area is to be cleaned thoroughly, free of any makeup, dirt, lotions etc…

Your Laser Tech will evaluate skin and discuss with you the post-procedure instructions and answer any questions you may have.

The technician makes sure correct parameters are set for you customized Skin Rejuvenation treatment.

You will be given protective goggles to wear during treatment.

Your technician at this time will press the tip against your skin. This will allow the RadioFrequency pulses to pass through the skin, which will cause a deep dermal induced injury to the skin. This process will trigger a healing response to the targeted and surrounding tissue.

After treatment is complete you will be red slight swelling and you will feel like you have a sunburn this feeling will subside after appr. 1-2 hours.

Your technician will preview any aftercare instructions.

You may use sterilized ice if needed, just remember you want to treat the skin as if you have an opened wound. Keep your skin clean and keep hands off the skin.

This treatment is not recommended 5 days or so prior to any event, even though there will be a fast healing process that may leave your skin feeling dry and flaky almost like little pepper looking spots on the skin this is not to be picked at, allow your body to go through healing process without interruption.

This may be repeated every 4-6 weeks along with using the recommended skin care products for desired results.

Recommended treatment areas:

Jowls, Neck, Chest, Hands, Abdomen, Sagginess under eyes, Nasolabial Folds, Above brow line and many more areas.

Call Body Beautiful now for more information about the eMatrix Sublative and Sublime by calling 724-987-3221.

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