Laser Hair Removal
Pros and Cons

You may already have some knowledge about laser hair removal, yet, you’re wondering how it all works and if it’s a procedure for you. You may have been interested in laser hair removal at home but found it much to complicated and that using lasers should be done by professionals. Well, we’re here to help you on your journey in a world where razors don’t have to exist. We strive to have our patients stop worrying about shave bumps, razor rash, ingrown hairs, and scarring while giving them the confidence to wear what they want. Our laser hair removal systems perform efficiently with both small or large areas saving time, energy and money by never having to shave, wax, tweeze, pluck or bleach again. So, we made this blog to further educate patients and have an ongoing discussion about laser hair removal pros and cons.

The Hair Removal Process

Let’s start by discussing the hair removal process. It starts by getting a quick assessment in our office to determine the correct approach for your skin tone and desired area. Once the initial consultation is completed and the certified staff has done the initial evaluation we can start the treatment process. It begins by using a predetermined setting for your skin that targets and eliminates hair from the body using our FDA approved laser systems. Here at Body Beautiful Laser Medical Spa, we have many types of lasers for hair removal but they mostly operate with similar principles. The lasers target an area evenly distributing beams of energy killing the hair at the root. Advanced sapphire crystal tips are used for cooling and shielding the surface while helping the patient to be relaxed throughout the treatment session.

Laser hair removal is one of the best ways to remove unwanted hair safely and effectively. It’s also one of the only ways to get a permanent reduction of hair with only minimal follow-up treatments for years after your satisfied with the initial reduction. One of the top benefits of Hair removal for our patients here in the Pittsburgh Pa area is the ability to get results on many skin tones. Having certified and medically supervised staff allows us to correctly assess our patients and their needs with confidence. This means using the correct settings to start your treatments for an effective lasting result. Our laser solutions such as the Lumenis, Diode, Vectus, and YAG can cover a wide variety of skin tones and hair. Optimal patients for Hair Removal are those with lighter skin tones and medium-dark hair. For patients with a more darker epidermis or skin tone, we may advise using different methods such as the YAG laser. Other methods include Diode, MaxR, and LuxR which are applied when a client has darker hair on light to medium skin. For ultralight skin tones, we even have Intense Pulsed Light options. And there are even more solutions for a variety of skin tones, this is why we suggest coming in for a consultation to discuss which of our lasers are best for you.

Further Education

Patients ask us many different questions before coming to their first consultation. However, when the client calls our scheduling team they often don’t have much time to thoroughly describe everything the patient may inquire regarding the process. Sometimes, we may have to point patients to our pre and post page or now to this blog to inform about some of the main pros and cons. Here’s an example of a commonly asked question we hear a lot. Patient: “Why is it, when I search online, the websites for hair removal near me never discuss the pros and cons?” So, we made this blog to inform people and to discuss those specific questions.

Hair Removal Pros and Cons

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Let us now take a look at some pros and cons. Since you’re interested in a more lasting solution for hair removal you’ll want to consider these before getting started with the process. Firstly let’s discuss some pros, and of course, it’s got to be one of the most exciting parts about laser hair removal which is that, it lasts. Laser hair removal is mostly permanent with minimal to no touch-ups after procedures are completed which is very exciting. Here at Body Beautiful, we encourage patients to opt for our unprecedented 4 Year Guarantee to help clear up any trouble areas after your treatment package. Another pro would have to be the speed of the hair removal treatments. Quick, fast and reliable treatments can be completed in 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the area). Underarms and upper lips can be treated in less than ten minutes while more general larger areas can be administered in roughly 30 minutes.

Another pro with our laser systems is their ability to help with the patient’s comfortability. Our laser systems contain cooling techniques for maintaining a cool and reliable treatment, especially when compared to solutions such as electrolysis hair removal. Since there are many more pros to discuss, we’re going to list out some of the top most popular pros for removing unwanted hair with lasers.

List of Pros

  • Eliminates unwanted hairs
  • Controls ingrown hairs
  • Preserves time and energy
  • Saves money
  • No more waxing and shaving
  • Stop plucking, tweezing, and bleaching
  • Numerous treatable areas lips, face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines, backs, chest, etc.
  • Eliminates razor rash, shave bumps, ingrown hairs or scarring
  • Works on Men and Women with varying skin types.
  • Non-invasive systems
  • There’s no downtime
  • Little to no discomfort
  • FDA-approved
  • Can help with occasional difficulties before surgeries or medical procedures.
Happy after Laser Treatment


Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the pros when getting laser hair removal, let’s now discuss some of the cons. Firstly, a big concern would have to be the hair removal cost or pricing of a treatment session. Some of our competitors charge unreasonable laser hair removal prices. Fortunately, at Body Beautiful Laser Medical Spa we have some of the best priced hair removal procedures in the Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township and Wexford Pa areas. Additionally, unlike other companies, we publish our pricing online and anyone can see them on our pricing page and we offer amazing specials and deals on our Facebook and our other social media sites. Another concern for some would have to be the fact that hair removal takes multiple sessions to get the results the patient desires. However, to get lasting results patients can complete as little at 4-5 sessions. Furthermore, most patients before coming into their treatment may think hair removal is a lengthy time-consuming procedure. On the contrary, as stated above, treatments can be done as quick as 10 minutes and can be performed in-between a lunch break. And lastly, a major concern for patients is burning. You may have heard that lasers can burn and possibly scar. However, this is not a common issue but can happen for reasons such as not removing makeup properly before treatment. Luckily, here at Body Beautiful, we have Nationally Certified and Medically Supervised Laser Technicians that have continued performing hair removal treatments for over a decade. We encourage everyone to visit our Medical staff page and our Certified staff page for more information regarding our amazing staff and their qualifications.

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