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Continuing with the conversation with our certified staff from the Ultimate Hair Removal Guide part one I asked next about the treatment length. Most clients understand that Laser hair removal is a process and this why we encourage patients to take advantage of our award-winning laser packages. The packages provide great value with the necessary treatment amount. We guarantee up to two years if you’ve opted for the correct package to help get rid of any unwanted leftover hairs. The full process can take anywhere from 6 to 8 treatments to show a major reduction. What happens in between each session is very important so let’s go into that in this next section.

The Ultimate Laser Hair Removal Guide

2020 Part 2!

General practices, Information, Methods Tips and Tricks

General practices and Important Information

Aftercare routines or regimens are very important for successful follow-up treatments. The aftercare following your treatment is just as important as the care before your procedure. The technicians gave these general rules and tips to follow.

Methods Tips, and Tricks

Laser Hair Removal treatments Frequently Asked Questions

Staff stated before your next treatment that they do not need to see where the hair is growing because we’re looking for the root under the skin. The laser targets this to permanently shut down future hair growth at its cause. Hair left on the surface of the skin can increase the risk of burning, this is why we must have the area shaved. And don’t worry when shaving the area, it’s a myth that it will come back thicker and darker. It is also best to clean the area before coming in for follow-up treatments (i.e. no antiperspirants, self-tanners, bronzer, makeup, etc..

After your initial treatment hair can persist to appear for up to thirty days. It’s normal for hair to grow in between laser hair removal sessions, this is because hair grows in stages. The body has growth phases and this is why multiple treatments are vital in the reduction process. Treatments should be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart for the initial few treatments and if more are needed they should be spread out further over time.


Everyone wants to know “Is laser hair removal permanent?” So, we’re here to put the question to rest. Worry and stress-free, laser hair removal typically produces a drastic reduction in hair with a 95% patient approval rating. Most people need 8 treatments for a complete reduction. Typically touch-ups are needed to cover any new hair growth including but not limited to different laser types, strengths, and electrolysis for Vellus or white coarse hairs. As noted above PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), thyroid or other hormone imbalances can increase the number of touch-ups. Here are some images from our many laser lines that hold best in class Gold Standard technology seals.

Laser hair removal systems like the many we use in Pittsburgh Pa are FDA cleared to safely and effectively remove unwanted body hair. Our laser techs noted hair may appear on the skin after the treatment. This is normal and these are hairs that are being ejected from the epidermis do to the laser treatment process. After your full set of treatments, our two-year guarantee can help clear up any unwanted spotted-hairs that may appear.


One of the top questions asked to our answering department is “How much does laser hair removal cost in Pittsburgh Pa?” As seen in our Laser Hair Removal Pros and Cons article unlike other competitors we publish all of our prices online. With that said prices are subject to change in the future depending on when you’re reading this so we suggest you visit our Pricing page for more details and specials. Looking at the nationwide standard for pricing in 2017 a small area can range from $350 to $500. Luckily, at our clinic, we can keep pricing much better (lower) because of our amazing customers and VIP members. Currently in 2020 (but subject to change in the future) VIP members and non-members can receive pricing as low as $75 to $150 for a small area. We believe that our 2-year guarantee* and public pricing on our site speak for themselves and show confidence in our process.  Additionally, we offer some exclusive deals for loyal customers with our VIP program. Stay tuned to our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which may land you a good deal from time to time.

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Now that you’ve finished The Ultimate Hair Removal Guide we feel confident that you’ll be much more knowledgeable on your next in-office visit. Lastly, we want to thank you for taking the time and sharing this article with your friends and family. We are excited and hopeful that you’ll enjoy your journey to a Stress, worry, and razor free lifestyle.

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