Permanent hair removal at Body Beautiful is achieved using Short-Wave (Thermolysis) and Blend Methods with the latest equipment that adjusts to specific hair and skin qualities. Strictly aseptic techniques and procedures are used to ensure the highest sanitary standards. In addition to the permanent removal of unwanted hair, Electrolysis prevents ingrown hair and makes the skin feel smoother.

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Frequently asked questions about Electrolysis

Q: How does electrolysis work?

A: Electrolysis works by inserting a device into the hair follicle and destroying the root.

Q: How long does Electrolysis take?

A: Clearing typical transsexual women’s facial hair generally takes about 100 to 400 hours of treatment time (some need, even more, some less). Spread out over roughly one to four years additionally some need, even more, some less time. Several variables influence this, and these figures are based on anecdotal evidence rather than examination results.

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Q: How much does Electrolysis cost?

A: Electrolysis usually costs about $25 to $150 an hour for treatment (some pay, even more, some less). You should plan on spending $25 to $250 a week (some pay, even more, some less), tapering off over time, with a total cost to clear a face between $2,000 and $20,000 (some pay, even more, some less). Many variables also affect this.

Q: Does Electrolysis hurt?

A: Most people find it tolerable, but must also take steps to alleviate the pain. Some find it extremely painful. Once again, many variables affect this.

Q: What will Electrolysis do to my skin?

A: Some temporary post-treatment redness and swelling are common. Serious pressing Electrolysis issues may occur, and the worst-case possibility is permanent pitting or scarring in some patients. Many variables affect these Electrolysis side effects.

Q: How Should I Prioritize Electrolysis In My Transition?
A: Generally, it should be one of the very first things you start when beginning to transition.

Laser Hair RemovalArea Please Shave Area Prior to TreatmentSession and Regular Pricing – Take an additional $25 off if VIP
Small = Nose, Ears, Toes, Uni-brow, Lip, Brows, Breast, Hands, Feet, Chin
1 session = $99
6 session = $499
Medium = Underarm, Shoulder, Neck, Bikini, Abs, Hands & Wrist
1 Session = 175
6 Sessions = $949
Large = Brazilian, Buttocks, Full Arms, Lower Leg, Chest, Full Face, Thighs, Half of Back (Ave. Size)
1 Session = $225
6 Sessions = $1249
X-Large = Full Back, Full Legs
1 Session = $325
6 Sessions = $1849
Buy 6 sessions = get access to our *2 Year Program
Buy the 7th sessions at full price = get access to our *4 Year Program (Starting from the 1st session)
Buy each additional session at 60% OFF!
Electrolysis$3 a minute (10-minute minimum with a 50-minute maximum for a 1-day session)
*2/4 Year Program
Prices are based on average size male/female and are approximate, subject to slight change pending consult per person. 2/4 Year Program from date of 1st purchase, is based on the coverage of sessions with treatment protocols; not the results. Program is non-transferable and refers to the Body Beautiful Medi-Spa location availability
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