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“I have been getting the derma pen treatment for 4 months now and it is by far my favorite service at Body Beautiful! There is no discomfort at all. I have gotten it done on my face and stomach for stretch marks. The micro needles really get deep into my skin to boost my collagen production. I definitely recommend Body Beautiful to my friends who want skin tightening and to get rid of their scars and stretch marks. – Rebecca V.”

“The SkinPen got rid of my embarrassing stretch marks from my weight gain. I recently lost over 50 lbs and I felt great but I had stretch marks all over my stomach. The dermapen helped get rid of the marks and now I can take my shirt off in public with confidence. – Tyer P.”

“I’ve had a series of 5 Skin Pen treatments and I am honestly shocked at the results! My acne scars was so deep and pitted and nothing has worked for over 15 years. Over the course of my treatments at Body Beautiful, the scars have become less visible and more smooth. Other lasers have not worked for me like the fractional or IPL but this did! I love the Skin Pen!!! – Greg S.”

“The Dermapen is fabulous! It did not hurt at all and I went right back to work. My skin felt sooo soft after just a few days. I am excited to see my wrinkles start to fade away. – Nancy J.”

“After 1 day after the treatment, all of my swelling and pinpoint bleeding went away. It was not obvious at all that I had work done, but my skin was definitely smoother and my scars are smaller. I want to go back for 1 more treatment so my scars will be 100% gone. I can’t wait! I never thought they would go away. After years of trying so many products and other treatments, nothing worked and I thought I was stuck with these scars forever. Now I am so much more confident. So worth it! – Regan H.”



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