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Botox or Dysport?

Is Dysport a good alternative to Botox? This is a question we hear a lot when our patients stop in for their initial consultation. So, let’s look at each product and then talk about the results we discovered here in our offices.

Dysport significantly improves the appearance

The product from Galderma, Dysport (abobotulinumtoxinA) is an FDA approved Botulinum toxin that sets out to improve fine lines and wrinkles with a natural look. Dysport helps to smooth those moderate and severe frown lines near the eyebrow. Additionally, we’ve found that for boosting the effect of Dysport by combining other injectables such as Restylane or skincare products can effectively produce a healthier more youthful appearance. One last note about Dysport, on average the lower cost of the product per unit allows patients to combine other products and services such as photo facials and hair removal.

Allergan’s Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) an FDA approved Botulinum toxin commonly used for restoring facial wrinkles and frown lines is one of the leading cosmetic injectables in the industry. People sometimes prefer Allergan’s Botox aesthetics to traditional surgical procedures allowing them to quickly return to their jobs with little or no downtime. Here in our clinic, many clients enjoy a popular procedure and what’s generally called a liquid facelift. Our liquid facelift sessions combined top of the line and best in class products and services for restoring a more youthful appearance. Both Botox along with Dysport offer great incentives to offset some of the cost of the products in the form of points. Many times these points can be combined with special offers or promotions bringing the cost down.

100 unit box Botox Cosmetic a dynamic treatment for facial wrinkles

When looking at Botox vs Dysport and what our patients are saying, our findings indicate that Dysport can deliver a more natural result compared to other injectables. When trying Dysport according to Galderma 97% of patients say they would use Dysport again. Clinical studies have shown that it can last up to 2 weeks longer when compared to other injectables. If you’ve tried Botox and it hasn’t provided the best results for your problem area or the cost-saving sound good, we recommend getting a consultation and giving it a try.

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