A type of laser therapy to penetrate various tissue depths healing the area giving the patient relief of pain.

Stop Smoking, Chewing and Vaping

If you’re a long-time vaper, chewer, smoker or nicotine user you’ve probably tried quitting at various points in your life. You may have tried everything from chewing and even vaping to going cold-turkey. Well, let’s talk about how our multi-faceted approach has started a following of successful recovering smokers and how it may help you to become nicotine-free in your life.

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K-laser Treatment Deal

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Offer is Active K-laser Treatment Deal Along with our cosmetic procedures, we also provide superior medical services for a number of conditions while doing so, with superior technology possible, including the amazing and incredibly versatile K-Laser. Besides healing superficial injuries, it can penetrate to the deepest tissues, so it can be used to treat minor cuts, larger wounds, bruises, arthritis pain, carpal, and tarsal tunnel syndromes, sprains, stiffness, pulled ligaments and tendons, muscle soreness and tension, lower back pain, body aches, and much…

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