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Along with our cosmetic procedures, we also provide superior medical services for a number of conditions while doing so, with superior technology possible, including the amazing and incredibly versatile K-Laser. Besides healing superficial injuries, it can penetrate to the deepest tissues, so it can be used to treat minor cuts, larger wounds, bruises, arthritis pain, carpal, and tarsal tunnel syndromes, sprains, stiffness, pulled ligaments and tendons, muscle soreness and tension, lower back pain, body aches, and much more. What’s more, it’s painless and non-invasive.

K-Laser is very versatile, it has various settings designed to penetrate different tissue depths and types. You may experience pain relief really quickly, especially following through with a full course of sessions for optimal care. The treatment is painless, many patients report a warm, sensational feeling during treatment. The highly advanced system has greatly reduced the size of typical lasers that have come before it. Therefore, rather than continuing with discomfort, let us beam you up into a pain-free life!


K-laser Treatment Deal

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