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Advanced anti-aging Ultrasound Facial Treatment The Ultrasound Facial
Here at Body Beautiful, the Ultrasound Facial Treatment is a popular facial. Ultrasound uses vibrating sound waves which stimulate tissue, raising its temperature and increasing its metabolic rate. It also increases circulation, kick-starting a chain of beneficial events such as debris removal, healing, and regeneration.

The first step in the Ultrasound Cleansing, which is known as the peeling (exfoliating) phase. The vibration pushes water molecules over the skin at a high frequency, this causes a change which is known as cavitation. Cavitation cleanses the skin’s follicles and removes/exfoliates dead skin debris.

Step two Infusion process, the smooth ultrasonic wand is used to infuse product deep into the skin. The wand heats and stimulates collagen production and helps blood circulation, this enhances nutrients absorption for the skin. Cellular debris (dead skin cells), toxins are removed from the skin when circulation is increased.

Body Beautiful the Ultrasound Facial TreatmentThis advanced anti-aging facial will leave your skin looking and feeling its best!!!

Prevention / Solution

To protect your skin from becoming damaged, always apply sunscreen prior to prolonged sun exposure. Wearing hats, clothing etc. can help protect from sun damage. Several treatment options are available to help promote and restore collagen production such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and Ultrasound facial. Also, retinol creams can help destroy free radicals which damage skin such as cigarette smoke, sun exposure, and other pollutants.

You will see subtle improvements at first, but that healthy glow will increase with each treatment of your series. Then you can maintain your vibrant look by receiving treatment once a month. Although UltraSound works for superficial skin conditions, deeper scars and pigmentary abnormalities may require a Photofacial or Fractional Laser treatment. Combinations of treatments will yield the best results, during your consultation, we will share your best options.


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