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Q: How does an Ultrasound Facial work?
A: Vibrating sound waves which stimulate tissue, raises its temperature and increases its metabolic rate. It also increases circulation, kick-starting a chain of beneficial events such as debris removal, healing and regeneration.

Q: Does ultrasound facials hurt?
A: No it does not hurt, in fact, most patients say its relaxing.

Q: How long does a facial take?
A: Can take 45min to an hour. You can even do a facial on your lunch break!!!

Q: Are Ultrasound facials good for anyone?
A: Although the Ultrasound Facial is non-invasive and safe any skin type, it is not recommended for anyone with a pace-maker or any other serious medical condition.

Q: What are the Benefits of an Ultrasound Facial?
A: Reduces Wrinkles, Reduces acne scarring, Improves circulation in skin, Treats Inflammation, Decreases Rosacea, Increases Blood Flow, Improves skin tone, Helps to diminish unwanted pigment, Increase moisture retention on skin.


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