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Before & After – Toenail Fungus

tonail fungus before and after

Before & After – Wart Beautification

Before treatment wart removalAfter treatment wart removal








My toenails were really discolored. They didn’t hurt but were really embarrassing. I had my teeth whitened at Body Beautiful and noticed that they do laser treatments for almost everything you can imagine! I asked about my toenails and she told me they can help me out. Thank goodness for lasers…my body is looking younger and refreshed! – Sandy K.

Great service. Needed toenail fungus removal but wasn’t sure what kind. I researched laser treatments, surgery, nail polish, topical treatments and oral medications. So happy the staff talked me through my options for toe nail fungus removal and helped me remove my problem areas. Thank you for your help and restoring my feet! – Cathy B.

I’ve had nail fungus for a many years now and I was tired of hiding my feet, especially because I love wearing sandals and heels. The fungus had a bad smell and after years of trying home remedies and hiding my problem, I visited Body Beautiful in Cranberry PA to fix my toenails. The procedure was not painfuland went quickly. The technicians are extremely knowledgeable about the process and why this happened to me. After 3 sessions, I can finally wear sandals and not hide! Thanks a bunch! – Veronica S.

I’ve tried everything under the sun from anti fungal creams to tea tree oil, vapor rub, vinegar and essential oils for my toenail fungus. After spending countless dollars and time, I seeked professional help from Body Beautiful in Pgh. I heard a lot of good things about the laser toenail removal and podiatrists here so I went for a free consultation. During the session, they actually did a test spot and treated one of my toes right there. I made 3 appointments for the rest of my toes and today, I am fungus-free!! – Danny L

“My toenails started turning yellow and green after I stubbed my foot last month. A friend referred me to Body Beautiful and I decided to give it a try since they are close to my home in Cranberry and they had a few specials running. The treatment only took 10 minutes and was painless. They also gave me a topical to use for upkeep. I’m so glad I found out about this place!” – Nancy D



Body Beautiful has done it again! Check out my before and after Laser
Toenail Fungus video…

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