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Thanks so much for my IPL treatment for spider veins and age spots! I hated having the dark veins on my face, it was so hard to cover up with makeup. This treatment was really fast and painless, thanks for the help! – Becca N. ”

“I played soccer my whole life and now at the age of 24 these red and purple veins on my legs from the game. I wanted to go somewhere where experts perform the procedure to get rid of these discolorations. I found Body Beautiful on Groupon and came in to talk about my treatment options. They told me about the laser treatment and how effective it is. I wasn’t sure if it would work on me since I have had these for 10 years plus but they honestly disappeared instantly! I spread them out between 3 Intense Pulsed Light treatments because the spider veins covered both legs entirely. Loved this treatment. – Mike L. ”

“I had a recent injury and had a large bruise the size of a football on my thigh as a result. After a few weeks, the bruise subsided but broken capillaries did not. They were so big I was shocked. They were so unattractive and I was so upset! I researched how to get rid of spider veins and found Body Beautiful online. I called and they were very informative on the phone and scheduled me for a free consultation with the VIP! I met with the injector and she suggested I get sclerotherapy because they were pretty large. The injections were quick and easy and now I have my old leg back. Thank you! – Teresa P. ”

“As I began to enter my 40s, I started noticing spider veins on my chest. At first I thought they were sun spots but they started turning purple and blue, so I went to my doctor to make sure they weren’t varicose veins. He said no, I could have them cosmetically removed and referred me to Body Beautiful. I was nervous that it would be expensive because it’s not covered by insurance but they actually have really good pricing and specials! The treatment was so fast, I was in and out in 15 minutes! Spider veins are gone on my chest and I’m happy and confident. – Sandy B.”



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