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Permanent Makeup Before and After | Eyeliner

Permanent Makeup Before and After | Lips

Permanent Makeup Before and After | Eyebrows

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Permanent Makeup Before and After | Testimonials

“I cannot express my thanks for my wonderful and beautiful new eyebrows. I’ve wasted over 20 years with makeup pencils and brow shadows to cover my non-existent eyebrows. I spent all of those years feeling self-conscious and ugly about myself. I started researching how to fix eyebrows and I came across Marcia’s page. Now, my face and confidence have been refreshed. My quality of life has been restored! Thank you! – Sophia C.”

“My mother is 64 and was recently diagnosed with arthritis. Since her joints, especially her wrists, have gotten progressively worse, I decided to look into permanent makeup solutions and how it could help my mother so she doesn’t have to worry about her appearance. I found Marcia on Google and took my mother in to meet with her. She was so kind and gentle with her! She had her eyeliner, brows, and lips done. She also had a wrinkle treatment done. She looks so BEAUTIFUL that I made an appointment for myself! – Sandy P.”

“I had my scar covered up through Marcia’s permanent cosmetics. I am a survivor from a burn accident and although I had plastic surgery, the scar was still visible. I had a consultation with Marcia and decided to try her permanent makeup solutions. I was scared of the pain but it didn’t hurt! Just felt like a little tingle. Now you can’t even notice my scar and I don’t have to hide it with layers of makeup! I haven’t been this confident since before my accident! – Rachel S.”

“I am very pleased with how my permanent makeup (eyeliner) turned out. Even though I was scared of needles and tattoos, I was very impressed with the whole process and how gentle Marcia was. She was extremely professional and made sure I liked my eyeliner. I heard about her through a friend who got her lips done, and they look fabulous. It’s so convenient not having to worry about that extra step in the morning before work. Thank you for being so kind and professional and going the extra mile for me!– Linda A.”

“I went to Marcia to get eyelash extensions before my wedding. They looked so natural and luscious that I have been back for all of my special occasions! And they’re pretty affordable. Definitely, recommend! – Maggie B”

“I first contacted Body Beautiful laser skin center to see if they could do anything for areola restoration and everything came out looking great, what an illusionist! I decided to get my eyebrows done too! My family and co-workers were so surprised at how “normal” the brows looked and how it took about 10 yrs off, YAY! I’m thrilled with how my breast reconstruction and eyebrows turned out. I definitely recommend Permanent makeup at BBLMspa to everyone I talk to. – Susan C.”

“I am a male model and I have never been that experienced applying makeup. I decided to give permanent makeup a try, but the first place I went failed! I was feeling truly botched. I heard about Marcia through a friend in the industry and met with her to see if I could be fixed. I was scared of the possible scabbing and swelling, but it was very minor and did not hurt. Just a tad itchy. Thankfully she un-botched my eyebrows and now they look natural and clean. Thank you for saving me! – Jacob D.”

Permanent Makeup Before and After | Videos

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