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permanent cosmetics lipsPre Care:

The client can help minimize pain by following these guidelines: Avoid alcoholic beverages, aspirin products, garlic, Vitamin E three to five days prior to any procedure. On the day of treatment, avoid caffeine. Alcoholic beverages and aspirin products are blood thinners, which will increase sensitivity and promote bleeding.

*If your Doctor has you on aspirin or blood thinning medication, you will be advised to talk to him or her and get a written consent)

Note: If you (the client) has ever had a cold sore or fever blister, then you must get a prescription from your doctor, enough for a total of 2 or maybe 3 procedural applications (4 wks apart). The three most commonly prescribed drugs for this are Zovirax, Famvir, and Valtrex. Typically the regime to follow would be to start taking the medication 3-4 days prior, during and after your procedure.

**Note: If you have a known medical condition please consult with your physician and bring in written consent before the procedure.

permanent cosmetics looking into mirrorPost Care:

Following the “After Care” instructions will greatly improve the success and longevity of your permanent makeup to fade. Most clients like to “refresh” their permanent makeup in a couple years to brighten the color.

Do NOT expose your tattoo to direct sunlight for at least two weeks. If you do, you may get sunburned or the color may fade prematurely. Use sunscreen religiously. Do NOT swim in Jacuzzi‘s, pools or open bodies of water (lake/ocean) during this healing time. This could cause pigment to fade as well. You should always apply sunscreen if you expose your tattoo to sunlight (this means “artificial light” too). Be advised that indoor tanning beds will also fade your tattoo.

The technician likely will provide you with an ointment to use for a week. Apply with a clean Q-tip, not your fingers. Use only what the technician gives you. Leave the tattooed area exposed to the air so that it can begin to heal but keep the area moist with the ointment given to you until the healing is complete. It takes about a week (usually 7-10 days) for a tattoo to heal on the surface. Healing is still occurring an additional 2-3 weeks beneath the skin. For at least 7-10 days, you should not apply cosmetics over the area and NO PEROXIDE or other creams!!!

The lips will get chapped and the brows may develop a little scab, but be sure that you do not peel off that area! If it flakes, let it flake off by itself. If you peel it off, the pigment comes off with it. It is also advised not to “look” in the mirror for at least a week (two is better). You will find something to “pick” or “criticize”, and the complete finished look should not be judged during this healing time. First, you will worry that the color is too dark. Then, you will get used to the darker look. The third truth is that you will have lost 30-50% of the color. A good procedure is a knowledge and proper aftercare, not luck!

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If I am performing a treatment, please leave a detailed message and I will call you back within the hour.

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