How Jeuveau works


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How Jeuveau works

How Jeuveau works
Jeaveau Pittsburgh Pa Consults
Our expert cosmetic injectors are available in several of our offices in your area (Pittsburgh PA, Cranberry TWP. PA, Moon PA, Bridgewater PA, Bethel Park PA,). At your consult, you’ll first meet with one of our amazing expert staff and discuss your cosmetic needs and how we can address them with our wide variety of treatments. Once a Jeuveau plan is established and the sites that need to be addressed are discussed the injector with then begin their work to create a smoother look.

If you’re looking for Jeuveau prescribing information you can visit the Jeuveau site or give us a call. Throughout your procedure, Evolus newtox is directly added into specific tissues responsible for producing frown lines. The injection causes the muscles to smooth out simply relaxing voluntary muscle movement in certain areas of the face. The effects are localized to certain areas and do not change your capacity to smile, smirk, grin, laugh or give other expressions.

After your treatment, Newtox continues to work until the final result is desired. Jeuveau vs Botox – both the aforementioned injections will start settling and working in 24 hours up to 4 days while the most beneficial results may not be seen for up to 2 weeks after the procedure. After 4 months nerves begin to regenerate resulting in 3 to 4 months in between treatments for optimal results. Most patients see little to no benefits beyond 4 months. If you’re looking for Jeuveau price vs Botox price check out our pricing page or the Jeuveau home page to look at our pricing chart. 


“If you have something that bothers you outwardly changing it might help. I’m actually very happy with the whole process. Fear should not be a reason to keep you from doing something.”


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