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Discover the innovative and effective solution for cosmetic skin concerns including removing skin tags, small moles, keratosis, milia, sun spots, age spots (hyperpigmentation), warts, cholesterol deposits and more with CryoClear!

CyroClear is safe and impressive for all skin types.

You will benefit from CryoClear if you have:

  • Skin Tags that are short, narrow growths with a thin foundation or shaft. They range from flesh to brown color and appear slightly wrinkled.
  • Actinic Keratosis or crusty, scaly sunspots with poorly outlined edges, usually these lesions appear on the back of the hands, neck, face, forehead or other sun-exposed areas. They are pink-red.
  • Solar Lentigines (age spots). These have clear edges and brown coloring. They are typically on the back of the hands and face and are a result of sun damage.

Age spot diagram

How CryoClear Works

Approximately 95% of Americans develop at least one age spot, sunspot or skin tags by age 50. Skin tags are not pre-cancerous. Cryotherapy has been around for hundreds of years to remove dark spots and skin tags.

CryoClear works by freezing the target area no further than 2mm at -79 degrees C, where only the epidermal skin layers exist. It removes the unwanted lesion with Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Cryo Clear has an 95% efficiency record! It is administered for about 5 seconds at a time. An ice ball forms on top of the epidermis but does not penetrate into deeper layers (where blood vessels, hair follicles, lymph vessels and sweat glands exist). This makes Cryo-Clear a great solution for superficial lesions.

Our trained and certified doctors, physicians and nurses target lesions with extreme precision to remove unwanted sun or age spots, skin tag, divots, etc. and there is less harm to the surrounding area than traditional methods.

CryoClear minimizes the risk of scarring, blistering and hypopigmentation that can usually be associated with much colder forms of cryotherapy.Skin tag Diagram

We may also combine CyroClear with other treatments such as a fractional laser, IPL or chemical peels or even facials when necessary, to remove difficult areas.

hand treatment CryoClear treatment CryoClear


CryoClear causes the lesion to go through 4 stages before the final result.

  • First, the treated lesion will become red
  • Second phase, the lesion darkens
  • Third phase causes the lesion to darken and fall off to reveal new pink healthy skin.
  • The final phase allows skin cell turnover to gradually grow over the 28 day process.

Post Treatment Instructions

  • Do not pick or scratch the treated area
  • Bathe as normal
  • Apply fragrance free moisturizer 1-2 times per day for 7 days after treatment
  • Limit sun exposure for 7 days and wear at least SPF 50 on the lesion

CryoClear results


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