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Questions and Answerslamprobe for flawless skin

Q: What is LamProbe?

A: The LamProbe is an instrument that quickly and effectively treats a variety of common skin problems including age spots, benign moles, broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, cholesterol deposits, clogged pores, milia and skin tags.

Q: What makes the Lamprobe so unique?

A: The Lamprobe effectively treats a wide range of common minor skin conditions, non-invasively, with instantaneous results. Treatments are extremely rapid (3-7 second duration) and involve minimal client discomfort, without the need of anesthesia.

Q: How much does the treatment cost?

A: $50.00 – $150.00 per 1st irregularity, dependant upon the location and size of the treated area. Additional irregularities $15.00 – $50 depending on size

Q: Who is the best candidate for the Lamprobe?

A: Men and women of any age who have benign, minor skin problems may be candidates for the Lamprobe.

Q: Is anesthesia used for the Lamprobe procedure?

A: Anesthesia is not needed for the Lamprobe procedures.

Q: How is the Lamprobe procedure performed?

A: The Lamprobe touches targeted area on skin for just three to five seconds per spot, effectively sealing off the blood supply to the area.

Q: How quick are the treatments and how quickly do you see the results?

A: Treatments last only a few seconds (avg 3-5 sec).

Results are instantaneous

Q: How long is the procedure time for a Lamprobe treatment?

A: The Lamprobe process takes a few seconds per spot treated. Patients may require a repeat treatment.

Q: What is the recovery like after the Lamprobe procedure?

A: While patients can return to their normal routine immediately you want to keep area clean after treatment with the Lamprobe, a healing time of a couple of days to one week can be expected.

Q: You will be able to return to work after your LamProbe procedure?

A: Work and other normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment.

Q: Need your question answered?
A: Call Body Beautiful at 724 987 3221


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