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How Active Acne Treatments Work

Woman getting laser face treatment in medical spa centerFirst, you will use a facial cleanser to clear the face of makeup, lotions and excess oils. Then place protective goggles over your eyes. The treatment provider will then move the laser across your skin, pulsing it all the while. Each pulse will send a beam of light into your skin.

Although your eyes are closed and covered with goggles, you may still see a flash of light, hear an audible tone and feel a mild sensation on the skin that will tell you when the laser is being pulsed. The sensation produces little to no discomfort. While targeting problematic or pigment in the skin, without damaging surrounding tissue.

Following the laser treatment, there is little to no downtime. In a quick, affordable 30-minute session, your skin rejuvenation and toning process are well underway! You may experience slight redness, but typically most goes away within minutes, although some patients experience redness up to 24 hours. Crusting may appear wherever there is a dark spot; this will subside within 3-10 days. Try to keep this natural skin protection on as long as possible, do not try to exfoliate off early. Avoid sun exposure for approximately one week. Between laser treatments, sun exposure is not recommended, so if you are receiving more than one laser treatment, stay out of the sun as much as possible between appointments and use at least SPF 30 on your face repeatedly, at all times to reduce the chances of pigmentation returning

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Multiple treatment options offer solutions for active acne and scars that have minimal or no downtime!

  • Palomar 1540 & 1440 Fractional Laser
  • Cynosure Picosure, Focus Lens Array
  • Syneron Sublime Elos Technology
  • Candela e-Matrix RF Technology
  • Integrated Microdermabrasions, SkinMedica Peels & Injectables


Types of Laser Treatments:
IPL Photo facial with the Lux V, Acleara, Max Ys or Max G (with or without levulinic acid)

Laser treatments are done in a series every 3-5 weeks in for about 3-4 sessions, depending on each patient’s skin condition. Patients will start to see results after 1 or 2 sessions! Some patients prefer touch ups once or twice per year to maintain results.

Fractional Laser (Acne Scars) – This laser works by delivering an array of high-precision microbeams (infrared) to create deep, narrow columns of coagulation in epidermis and dermis. This triggers a restorative natural healing process that creates new, healthy tissue including collagen. In other words, it vaporizes a fraction of microscopic columns of the skin instead of surface acne which allows for a faster recovery. It also causes the new skin to grow back tighter and smoother without the scar.

Cynosure Picosure, Focus Lens Array – This device is the only laser that can be used to treat multiple skin conditions including pigments and acne scars. This incomparable system produces extremely short pulses of energy in the skin’s deepest layers within a trillionth of a second. The laser is 100x faster than other lasers and delivers quick results with fewer treatments.

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Syneron e-Matrix RF Technology 

This laser is FDA-approved to treat multiple skin issues including acne scars. It was the first aggressive device to experience superior results still with minimal downtime (compared to CO2) and fewer side effects. It uses energy to deliver bi-polar frequencies into the skin’s deepest layers.

Acleara Mechanism of Action Combines Therapeutic Advantages of Vacuum & Light


  • Dislodging of follicular ostia Heat injury to bacteria
  • Elevating and Opening Sebaceous Gland

  • Heat shock to sebaceous glands
  • Vascular Impact that slows trafficking


Acleara Mechanism Acleara Mechanism 007 Acleara Mechanism 006 Acleara Mechanism 008
Acleara handpiece makes full contact with Pneumatics deep cleans pores by extracting build up of sebaceous material Along with targeting heating of the dermis, the endogenous effect of light activates porphyrins to destroy P. acnes and reduces sebum production Obstruction in the pilosebaceous apparatus is removed and skin normalizes


beautiful woman with pearl beads and mirrorMost Popular Acne Treatments – These treatments are additionally helpful for active acne:

Photofacial – This is our recommended acne treatment for those who suffer from regular or hormonal acne. This treatment uses an IPL (Intense Pulse Light) handpiece to target and eliminates many of the unwanted effects, such as deep wrinkles and fine lines that come with aging. IPL clears up active acne, cystic acne and boosts collagen. Also, the IPL corrects pigmentation such as sun spots, age spots, freckles and evens out skin tones.


Chemical Peel – Treatment designed to reduce the appearance of surface level lines, aid in the clearing of acne, smooth rougher skin texture and fade hyperpigmentation. The cosmetic acid in the peels removes dead skin cells (that you do not want there) from the surface without irritating skin. This effective and safe office treatment reduces patient downtime, is specifically developed for an at-home pre and post-treatment regime. For best results, at least 3 sessions and can be used alongside doing other treatments are recommended.

Calming Facial – This facial is designed to help soothe and calm acne breakouts and rosacea skin conditions. Serums, such as vitamin C+E and Masques will aid in the reduction of erythema (swelling) caused by Rosacea. The hydrating Phyto-corrective Gel doesn’t leave skin oily and its’ antibacterial, antiseptic properties help calm and heal acne skin.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial – Deep Pore Cleansing Facial – (most helpful “before” or to avoid a flare-up or breakout) perfect for teenage clients experiencing “teen-like” acne. Our combination of treatments and products help to gives the skin hydration and reduce oil. Pharmaceutical grade Botanicals help heal the acne while the various Masques draw out oils and impurities that can harm skin.

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