Top 10 Aesthetic Treatments for 2020

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Welcome to Pittsburgh’s Beauty Guide where we continue to promote education while empowering and aspiring readers everywhere. Today we are discussing what we believe will be the most popular cosmetic procedures for 2020. So, let us just jump right in and talk about these amazing treatments. 

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10. Dermaplaning

Nonsurgical Dermaplaning treatment centers on eliminating facial vellus peach fuzz hair and smoothing skin on the face in both men and women.

Dermaplaning uses a simple medical scalpel to gently exfoliate the face. It’s a painless method that leaves the skin smooth and glowing. Usually performed on the face or other small precise sections of skin. Dermaplaning can also be done on a larger area

9. Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus laser treatments work by providing a high-intensity light beam to selectively erase the destructive fungus and leaves the neighboring healthy tissue intact.

If you’re tired of thick discolored nails hurting while being embarrassed by their looks when wearing sandals then laser nail fungus removal is for you. Quick and painless and proven effective for the treatment of mild to severe cases of toenail fungus the treatment time is generally less than 20 minutes.

Ideal Candidate Focus Lens Array, severe wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks, uneven skin texture, mild-medium cellulite.

8. Wrinkle Reduction

Lasers are the most effective treatment option for skin rejuvenation. They are the only treatment that both exfoliates but also tightens collagen, which restores elasticity. 

Combining the latest FDA-approved laser tech call Pico with the focus lens array handpiece provides patients with amazing results. This new laser treats wrinkles and has an additional benefit of treating sun damage, freckles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation,  fine lines, and much more. PicoSure was clinically examined in turn shows climatic improvements for acne scars in just three procedures. Largely able to be used on any skin type and anyone with mild to severe wrinkles and fine lines. The pico treatment quickly restores smooth skin and contours wrinkle characteristics. 

7. Spider Vein Removal

One of the fastest and safest ways to eliminate spider veins. The IPL Photofacials targets spider veins and blemishes deep beneath the surface of the dermis while leaving the outside layer of the skin uninjured.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy safely and quickly eliminates spider veins and vessels. In our opinion, no other procedure provides such powerful results. 

Spider Naevi

6. Acne Removal

The acne removal procedure is one of the most popular treatments in the USA. Teenagers and up to 80% of adults have mild to severe cases of acne. Acne and acne scarring, stretch marks, and surgical scars can create emotional or physical pain and influence the quality of life. It’s an unyielding condition, ordinarily managed with over the counters, topical or oral medications which often produces undesirable side effects with limited results.

Here in our office, we use IPL or Intense Pulsed Light energy used to stimulates skin most difficult layers killing bacteria. The light energy that stimulates the natural healing process increasing healing and reducing the reoccurrence of breakouts. 

5. Body Contouring

Entirely noninvasive and non-surgical Body Contouring helps to tighten your existing collagen and stimulates new collagen growth. Results can immediately be visible and can continue up to six months after the procedure. 

Our method works by applying a radiofrequency to heat up the fat cells at various depths which supports shrinking and melting of the fat cells. Our Body Contouring radiofrequency method usually produces no downtime or uncomfortable side effects.

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4. Tattoo Removal

The modern development in laser tech the PicoSure delivers tattoo reduction and elimination more efficiently and less costly. Pico laser tattoo removal is the most trustworthy technique to lastingly eliminate your undesired tattoos. 

Our Tattoo Removal methods normally take within 10-30 minutes subject upon the tattoos measurement. Our expert specialists employ their expertise and abilities to address the treatments during consultations. After treatment, the patient can return to employment immediately afterward. However, you should refrain from any rubbing or picking the treated area for at least 7-10 days post-treatment.

3. Microneedling

One of the top treatments for improving skin complexion Microneedling uses needles to incite the restorative process in deep dermis tissue. Today’s Microneedling improvements afford medi-spa’s equipment with an adjustable tip that penetrates the probes deeper into the skin restoring damaged layers by penetrating at these different lengths stimulating the collagen to eliminate scars and wrinkles.

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Photofacial treatment is the gold standard

2. Photofacials

The popular photofacial procedure centers on clearing the skin with its advanced tech. The method offers comfortable and effective pulses of concentrated light. Lasers offer some of the best treatment options to clear and eliminate multiple skin issues and that’s why photofacials are the go-to procedure for many people around the world.

Photofacials provide many benefits for damaged skin and can assist you to obtain a reinvigorated appearance. Photofacials boost collagen which fills in facial wrinkles smoothing and evening skin tone.

1. Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is an exciting prospect for many people around the world. In our Pittsburgh Pa offices, we use state-of-the-art lasers including the Lumis LightSheer and the Cynosure Vetus laser systems. Additionally, our MaxR and LuxR are used for darker hair reduction on light to medium skin. The MaxY and LuxY are used for blonde hair removal, on lighter skin types. These best in class cosmetic lasers provide the patient with fewer treatments needed compared to old models. Other methods may need more time and money to get the same results if they use inferior lasers. 

Everybody has different types of hair, book a consultation now to determine your best options. Consultations usually take 10 minutes, particularly if patients previously have educated themselves by watching our video or reading our website. Ninety percent of cases have permanent hair reduction after 6-8 treatment. 

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the Top 10 Aesthetic Treatments for 2020. We’re always looking for feedback from our fans and if you’d like to leave us a comment or suggestion fill out our contact form with the notation Blog. 

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