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Threads InstaLift is a minimally-invasive, resorbable suspension suture with bi-directional cone technology. This minimally-invasive solution is ideal for many people which are interested in rejuvenating their appearance without significant surgery, injections, or lasers. It presents a new and impressive technology to raise drooping facial skin. Sagging facial skin is one of the major contributors to an aged and tired appearance. Silhouette InstaLift is a minimally-invasive procedure that redefines the contours of your mid-face by lifting the deeper layers of your skin for a more youthful look.

PDO Threads InstaLift Advantages

Silhouette InstaLift is a novel dual-action cosmetic rejuvenation
minimally invasive device. Using innovative Micro-suspension Technology (MST), Body Beautiful is instantly able to lift aging skin in the mid-face area and gradually restore the body’s natural collagen for a visibly more youthful appearance.

The procedure takes approximately 45/60 minutes and requires minimal downtime for results that last up to 2 years. The sutures lift and reposition subdermal tissue while the bi-directional cones hold the suture and facial skin in an raised position. The suture and cone material are both constructed of glycolide / L-lactide (PLGA), and over time they stimulate fibroblasts for gradual collagen maturation, and are developed to reposition volume in the mid-face with a goal of a natural-looking result.

Threads InstaLift Face Lift Before and after Pictures

Suneva Medical Silhouette InstaLift Before and Afters
Suneva Medical Silhouette InstaLift Before and Afters
Suneva Medical Silhouette InstaLift Before and Afters
Suneva Medical Silhouette InstaLift
Suneva Medical, Silhouette, InstaLift, Before and Afters

Threads InstaLift Pricing

TreatmentTreatment Area (45min -1 hour session)Pricing Per Thread
Threads InstaLiftSilhouette InstaLift is an amazing product for sagging facial skin.

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