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Many say first impressions are everything, therefore, a lot can be said for having a smooth and youthful facial appearance. Today in the Health and Beauty trade there’s great emphasis on facial enhancements. Unfortunately, this is because our face is inclined to show indications of aging. Take the double chin, for example, the appearance of a double chin may make you look more aged and heavier no matter your weight or age. According to various studies among ladies they’ve rated the chin as the area they’re most troubled with. Luckily, liposuction operations have performed excellently when dealing with the problem. Even though the advancements of liposuction are safer, quicker, very efficient and much less invasive it may not be for everyone. Fortunately, Allergan the makers of Botox cosmetics have come up with an amazing product for those suffering from excess fat or double chin. 

Kybella Treatment in Pittsburgh Pa, Wexford Pa, and Cranberry TWP Pa.

You may be asking; What is Kybella? You may have heard of Botox and Juvederm which are two of the biggest cosmetic injectables in the world by the company Allergan. Kybella is one of their unique products for the treatment of fat under the chin. It’s the only FDA approved treatment for targeting fat beneath the jawline resulting in a smoother contour. Kybella eliminates undesired volume under the chin area, sculpting a soft jawline that will improve your natural traits.

The power of this injectable is the elimination of the double chin, period. Added into the pouch of fat under the chin Kybella allows the pouch to be eliminated. The patient will start to notice effects within two weeks after injection. Most people require a set of injections over several months depending on the client’s situation and goals. Generally, the patient will require from one to five treatments spaced approximately six to eight weeks apart.

Kybella is an amazing product for women and men that want to remove their double chin and no other product out today does this in such a noninvasive way. So, if you think Kybella is something you’re interested in you can give us a call for more information or visit our Kybella procedure page for additional info.


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