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Does laser teeth whitening work and how can it help me?

You may have noticed the big trend with celebrities, TV hosts, reality stars and many others getting permanent teeth implants to enhance their look. We understand that not everyone wants to undergo this type of surgery and with implants reaching over $30,000 many just can’t afford it. So, there are a few alternatives for implant teeth enhancements which include partials and artificial dentures. However, these are usually long and can be painful procedures which may altogether be avoided with a simple solution like laser teeth whitening.

Here at Body Beautiful, we’ve treated millions of teeth with our specialty teeth whitening solution and the results are glowing. Whether your teeth have stained from teas, pops, sodas, beers, coffees or other dark beverages it’s possible to get them whiter and brighter with our solution.

Our solution is a three-part approach combining a specialty gel, a laser, and education. This trifecta combines the latest gel, technology, and teeth health facts with promoting an active care approach, healthier consumption, and teeth care. Now, let’s take a look at our top reasons teeth whitening has helped our patients all over Western Pennsylvania and can help you improve your life.

How teeth whitening can help you now

Firstly, we’d like to say that teeth whitening has improved many of our patient’s overall appearance. Body Beautiful is a leader in laser teeth whitening and skin treatments such as wrinkle reduction, microneedling, scar removal, photofacials, rosacea, and acne scarring which allows us to take the time to study the effects on improving someone’s overall look with our solution and the results show for themselves. We’ve seen that when our patients work hard to get rid of their wrinkles, enhancing their smile will only improve their overall appearance and happiness with their results. Teeth whitening also can help to build self-confidence whether you’re at a social setting such as a work meeting or a night out with your friends the way you show off your smile can be the difference between a good time, and a bad night. Moreover, walking into a new job opportunity with a bright smile portrays to the employer that a potential new employee just showed up with confidence. Additionally, our whitening solution enhances and brightens your smile for those unexpected photos. With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram focusing on photos and video, having a nice smile is more important than ever before. Friends, family, and acquaintances on those social sites see your posts and images looking through them sharing in your experiences and having a nice smile can help to convey your feeling at that time.

How to maintain a better smile 

We have an entire writeup on teeth whitening over on the main part of the site. But to start the education now, let’s look at some ways to maintain your new fresh laser-white teeth look. Here are some things to avoid and best practices before and after your laser teeth whitening treatment.

– Avoid Soda or Pop

– Avoid Raspberries, Cranberries, Blueberries, and other berry types because they can stain your teeth

– Avoid Dark beverages such as coffee or beer.

– Brush teeth after every meal

– Floss often removing food particles not allowing them to stain parts of the tooth.

– Brush with Hydrogen Peroxide

This may be overwhelming for some but we encourage you to do your teeth whitening research, come in for a free consultation and evaluation so we can get improving your look and smile today.

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